1682.08.03: Amity

Of London
Loaded: 21 Feb.1682 – 15 Apr 1682
Date of Arrival: 8/3/1682
 Master: Richard Dymond


  • Barber, Eleanor, servant to Griffith Jones
  • Beckingham, John,  servant to Joseph Richards
  • Beckingham, William,  servant to Joseph Richards
  • Bowman, Thomas  – son of William Bowman of Wandsworth, later appears to have settled in New Jersey, after selling his father’s first purchase of 1000 acres in PA.
  • Boyden, James
  • Busby, John, weaver – Married Mary, daugher of Christopher Taylor in 1690
  • Claypoole, John, assiant to Thomas Holme
  • Day, Elizabeth, servant to Griffith Jones, later married fellow servant Jeremiah Osborne
  • Evans, William
  • Fleetwood, William
  • Fletcher, John, kinsman to Thomas Holme
  • Gibbon, John  and wife Margery, settled in Bethel township. He was a weaver.
  • Hall, Daniel, servant to Henry Waddy
  • Haines, Richard, wife Margaret, son John and other children
  • Holme, Thomas, with his sons, Michael and Tryall, and two of his daughters: Eleanor who married Joseph Moss, and Esther who married Silas Crispin
  • Jones, Griffith, with second wife Joan, son Joseph   and step-daughter Ann Powell
  • McVeagh, Edmund – servant to Thomas Holme, later married Alice Dickinson, who came over as a servant to Phineas Pemberton.
  • Martin, John  and Elizabeth [Sellat]  , of Edgcott, Buckinghamshire. He was a carpenter. Theirs may have been the first case of lost or stolen baggage, as their belongings disappeared from the dock on their arrival and they filed suit against Richard Diamond, the master of the vessel.
  • Osborne, Jeremiah, servant to Griffith Jones, married Elizabeth Day
  • Osbourne, John (possible) – servant to Thomas Holme
  • Otter, John and wife (probable) – first settled in Bucks County, but moved to Philadelphia after his wife died and remarried Mary Blinston, widow of Isaac, in 1686
  • Paxson, James  and wife Jane  and children Sarah  and William
  • Paxson, William and Mary  and daughter Mary
  • Richards, Joseph and wife Jane, Of Newgate in Witney, Oxfordshire, settled in Chichester
  • Stacey, Henry – settled in West Jersey
  • Seary, Thomas (Cerey)  – His widow, Sarah, married William Busby and had children Richard, Miria who married Thomas Kenton, and Mary who married John Hart.
  • Waddy, Henry,   from St. Andrews, Holgate, Middlesex. He was a milliner and was a neighbor of the Seary family.
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