1685.10.12: Francis and Dorothy

From: London
Date of Arrival: 8th month, 12, 1685 at Philadelphia
Commander: Richard BridgemanMaster: Edward Pane

Listings:​[1], [2]​

  • Fry, Henry
  • Hendrix, Garret and Mary and daughter Sarah
  • Pookehooled, Henry and Mary
  • Saxby, John and Elizabeth and children: John, Thomas, Elizabeth, Lucy and Esther
  • Sheepheard, Isaac and Gertrude and daughter Margaret
  • Shoemaker, Peter and children: Peter, Mary, Frances and Gertrude and cousin Sarah
  • Stanton, Edward, son of George Stanton
  • Umstat, John Peter and Barbara and children: John, Margaret and Eave
  • Wonderly, Aron
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