Benjamin Hunt Diary – 1801

Jan. 1st 1801. Went to William Smith’s. Recev’d of him forty Dolls which he borrowed some time ago.

3rd. Went to Wm Weston’s, found it a most severe cold day: from thence to Isaac Woodwards at the sign of the Indian King: stayed all night: came on snow.

7ch. Started to Philadelphia to settle with my Merchants which having done I returned home on seventh day the 10th Instant.

11th. A beautiful fine warm morning.

2nd Feb. 1801. Wm Huey’s son born Named John.

3rd Feb. 1801. Went to Wilmington.

10th. Went to Emrnor Jefferis’s, Joshua Way’s, Alexander Gremes’s Jur. and Rich’d Jones’s.

11th. Snow all this Day.

12th. A fine Clear Morning and Cold.

Feb. 17th 1801. Went with William Huey to his plantation in West Cain, stayed there all night: agreed to gave him sixty pounds rent for it per Year for two Years.

18th. Came home, rain all day.

24th. Went to the Slitting mill and brough two bundles nail rods and took them to Joseph Engram.

25th. Went with John Clark Jr. to Waggontown.

27th. Bought a Cow & Calf of Thomas Baldwin Jur. uncommon fine weather.

March 4th. Bought a Bull 2 Years old of Joseph Park Jur. for $41.38; sold him same Day to Saml Marshall for $50.

7th. My wife very bad with the Rheumatism went to Dr. Jacques at Kennet Square, returned to Moses Marshall’s Esqr. to meet with several of my Debtors summoned there.

8th. John M’Gudgin and wife Came to my house, stayed all night.

March 8th 1801. James Moore left me, having been here 49 weeks a 7-6.

11th. Some talk with Jos. Woodward and Moses Marshall Esqr. about Joes Debt: agreed to wait ten Days.

12th. Went to Waggontown helped William Huey plan: a Young orchard and sow one bushel Cloverseed. Mary Sugar Died.

13th. this night came home. William stayed all night.

14th. Mary Sugar buryed at Bradford.

23rd. this day I put part of my goods into three waggons and my wife and children in a light Cart and left West Bradford and arrived in West Cain in the afternoon, one waggon Wm Huey’s, another Abr. Clark’s, another Eli Hunt’s.

24th. This day I helped Wm Huey to thresh Corn, some he had raised on the place last year.

25th. Wm and a Man he had hired threshing Corn. I went to George Oglesby’s Vendue where 1 bought a Colt for  L10-5-0.

West Cain, March 26th 1801. Went and brought my Colt home.

2Sth. Went to Bradford to settle the towns Books: lodged at Humphrey Marshall’s, this night came on snow.

29th. about nine oclock this morning started for home through a very disagreeable storm of snow and rain which continued all day.

2nd Apr. John Clark Jur. Came to West Cain.

13th. Dan. Patterson began to work for a month for $11.

I6th. Lent Joshua Way $60.

20th. Uncommon Cold weather for this season of the Year, peach trees in bloom.

21st. This night fell a snow about 3 Inches deep.

22nd. Continues to snow.

24th. snow gone, but wet & Cold still.

26th. a fine warm day.

6th May 1801. lent George Dannenhower 30 Dollars. Daniel Leonard, Carpenter, came to work for me at the storehouse.

7th. Richard White (Mason) and two hands came to work at the storehouse.

13th. Dan’s Months ends this day.

I8th. The masons finished the walls of the store house. 27 feet by 20 two story.

23rd. Recv’d of Joshua Way $60 lent him some time ago.

24th June. Carpenter finished the store house, this Day I went down to Bradford.

25th. returned home

26th went to Aaron Davis’s and to Eli & Joshua Hunt’s: lodged with Joshua that night.

27th. went to Robert Yearsley’s: in the evening returned home.

2?th. Wm Gibbons and Sarah Peirce dined at my house.

30th June. 1801. I started for Lancaster to buy a load of Whisky.

July 1st. In Lancaster bought 229 Gallons of whisky of Michael Gundaker for 4-3 per gallon.

2nd. Got home this evening.

5th. 1 and my wife started to Philadel.

6th & 7th. In Philad. buying goods & this afternoon started for home.

13th. Opened my new Store.

22nd. Thomas Evans and myself have concluded to rid eout in search of sheep he started this morning.

24th. This morning I started after Evans, rode forty three miles to Elizabethtown where I was to meet him. Lodged at Caleb Thornbury’s.

25th. Started this moring & went through Middletown from there to Hummelstown; got our Dinners with Fox and Uncle of Evans who keeps a tavern. After we rode about through that neighborhoos; bought a few sheep. In the morning we returned to Hummerlstown to Fox’s.

26th. Being First Day we stayed all day in twon.

27th. This morning we started for moe sheep: inthe afternoon we collected what we had bought and got part of the road home; lodged with James Wilson, Esq., ,above Elizabeth town.

28th. This day got witin six miles of Lancaster; lodged with John Smith, sign of the Eagle.

29th. Gor 25 miles to James Hamilton’s sign of the Bell; left the sheep and went home.

30th. Sent Nathan for the sheep with the Evans Boy.

My wife started to go to her father’s.

Aug. 2nd. Returned.

13th  Went to Benj’n Davises Vendue.

31st. Started to Philad. Lodged at Wm. Bettles.

Sept. 1st. this morning went into town, started for home this afternoon: lodged at John Siter’s.

3rd. Got home.

8th. Went to Bradford: from thence to Wm Huey’s: lodged there that night. Mary Speakman, wife of George Speakman died.

9th. returned to Bradford: lodged this night at Moses Marshall, Esq.

10th. this Day got home.

25th. Went to West Chester to a meeting of the Federal Republicans for forming the ticket for the general Election: was appointed one of the Committee for forming said ticket, lodged this night at Wm. Sharples’s.

26th. Returned home.

Oct. 2nd. Peter Z. Lloyd Died.

Oct. 3rd 1S01. James Smith died. I went to the towns meeting at Eli Shugart’s in West Cain. sign of General Wolf.

4th. Went to the funeral of my uncle James Smith who was buried at Bradford

13th. went to the Election at Walter Lilly’s tavern on the Strasburg road.

15th. This day Susy Sweyney left my house after a servitude of three years.

18th. This day I started for Philad. to lay in my winter goods: lodged this night with Dr. Roberts.

19th. got into town.

20th & 21st. in town buying goods.

22nd. Started for home: lodged at Mr. Prices, sign of Wm Penn. on the turnpike road.

  1. this afternoon got home.

I might mention the flux has been pretty bad this fall.

Nov. 4th. This day. or maybe it was, Hnmphrey Marshall Died.

6th. was buried at Bradford.

Nov. 14th 1801. John M’Gudgin and wife and son & Joshua Hunt came to my house in West Cain: stayed all night & went away next day.

17th. this day started with John Clark Jur. for Philad. to look for a house for him, he haveing a notion to go there to live: lodged at Jonathan Miller’s, sign of the buck, on the turnpike.

18th. this morning went into town: got a house for Clark.

19th. this evening started for home in companv with John Park: lodged at Wm Bittle on the West Chester road: got very little ivst this night on account of some Market folks and some old noisey Woman who kept up almost a continual noise.

20th. Got home this evening.

21st. this night snow for the first time.

1st Decm. John Clark’s Vendue but did not sell all.

5th. Advertised a second Vendue but folks did not gather;

Decm. 8th 1801. Wm Huey and wife came and lodged with me.

22nd. John Clark Jur. left West Cain
with his family and bound for Philadelphia. This day went to Elect a new member for the house of Representatives, a vacancy having happened by the death of Abiah Taylor.

It has has been a long dry time but very moderate weather for this season of the Year. This night came on a very welcome shower of rain.

23rd. the rain continued till towards evening. This I hope will revive the springs and wells which were got very low on accoutn of the very dry waether above mentioned.

25th. This day twelve months several of my friends and relations dined with me, but this day I was not so happy as to have of of their company, so I and my family dined by ourselves. this day something like last Christmas, weather very moderate. Ground quite clear of snow.

28th. This night fell a small snow.

29th. This day I dug up a small bed in the garden and sowed some salled & radishes.