Humor of 1900

Parasols and fans and hankerchiefs were all used by young ladies to signal intent, serving as a form of communication to would-be suitors. An article appearing in El Paso Herald on December 6, 1900, takes flirtation devices to a whole new level.

 The Brick Flirtation

The Enterprise of Lewisville, Denton county, states that a young lady of that place asked the paper to furnish her with a new flirtation. She said she knew the fan, hankerchief and parasol flirtations but they were growing old and she wanted a new one. The Enterprise gives her the following:

Brick Flirtation

Picking up a brick from the street – I am watching you
Carrying brick in right hand – I am waiting for you
Biting off a corner of the brick – I love you
Rubbing brick on nose – Write to me
scratching left ear with brick – Don’t speak to me
Balancing brick on end of nose – We are watched
Laying the brick down and jumping over it backwards – I am married
Throwing brick at stranger’s head – I want your attention

This flirtation is guaranteed by the Enterprise to attract the attention of any one person upon whom you wish to make an impression.

I laughed out loud.