Photographers of Chester County

Knowing when and in what location a particular photographer was working can lead to useful information about our ancestors. In most cases, pictures would be taken by a local photographer rather than traveling very far.

Anderson, A. A.: West Chester 1860’s
Bailey, Ann Pennock: Marlborough Twp. 1850’s
Barrett, H. G.: West Chester 1890’s
Barry, John T.: Oxford 1870-1910’s
Battin & Finney: West Chester 1860’s
Beecher, J. S.: West Chester 1870’s
Bell, William C.:West Chester 1890’s
Belt, Joseph W.: West Chester 1900-1840’s
Biles, Alber:t West Chester 1890-1940’s
Bradley, P. F.: Downingtown 1890’s?
Branson, John M.: Coatesville 1860-1870’s
Brinton, Douglas: Oxford 1890-1900’s
Bull, Octavius: Elverson 1890-1900’s
Chambers, Wiliam J.: Kennett Square 1890-1900’s
Channell, George W.: Spring City 1900’s
Channel, Ralph F.: Phoenixville 1860-1870’s
Channel, U. Grant: Phoenixvile 1890’s
Cheyney, WIlliam: West Chester 1850’s
Clark, Charles M.: Downingtown 1890’s
Clark, Charles M.: Parkesburg 1900’s
Cope, Gilbert: West Chester 1880-1910’s
Crowl, Levi: West Chester 1850’s
Davis, Benjamin P.: Phoenixville 1860’s
Day, George W.: Phoenixville 1890’s
Dickinson, J. B.: West Chester 1860’s
Dinmore, Frank: Avondale 1900’s
Dinmore, Harry: Avondale 1890-1900’s
Duval, C.: West Chester 1860’s
Duval & West: West Chester 1860’s
Faulk, Dulaney: W. Coatesville 1910’s
Fisher, S. R.: West Chester 1860’s
Freeman, H. B.: West Chester 1849
Garrett, C. Alfred: West Chester 180-1870’s
Gibson, J. B.: Coatesville 1870-1890’s
Gibson & Hayes: Oxford 1867-1868
Grubb, Francis: W. West Chester 1880’s
Hannun, W. G.: Kennett Square 1850-1870’s
Hannun & Jersey: Kennett Square 1873
Hannun & Lucas: Kennet Square 1874
Harned & White: West Chester 1849
Haverstick, William F.: West Chester 1890-1910’s
Hornig, Lewis: Phoenixville 1860’s
Hornig, J. M.: Phoenixville 1870-1880’s
Ingram, W. H.: West Chester 1870’s
Kramer, James: Kennett Square 1880’s
Lenhard, R. W.: Phoenixville 1910’s
Marshal,l Edward S.: West Chester 1870-1880’s
Marshall, Levis P.: West Chester 1900’s
McCormick, Alexander: Oxford 1860-1890
McCormick & Hayes: Oxford 1868
McCutchen, F.: West Chester 1860’s
McGinley, T. B.: West Chester 1870’s
Mentzer, J. K.: Downingtown 1870’s
Mohn, Eaton C.: Downingtown 1890’s
Mott, Harry Oakley: Coatesville 1900-1910’s
Mueller, J. Max: West Chester 1864
Mulford, R. B.: West Chester 1860-1870’s
Nelson, Clara: Kelton 1890’s
Odiorne, John W.: West Chester 1860’s
Odiorne & Shrieves: Wset Chestser 1865
Parker, Nathan: West Chester 1850-1861
Paxson & Marshall: West Chester 1876-1877
Paxson, Henry: West Chester 1880’s
Paxson, J. Charles: West Chester 1880s’
Peters, Nooris: West Chester 1850’s
Pierce Philip: West Chester 1850’s
Pugh, Reese: East Nottingham 1860’s
Pyle, George: West Marlborough 1840’s
Radel, Frank: Phoenixville 1910’s
Roberts, W. W.: West Chester 1860’s
Roshon, M. A.: Coatesville 1910’s
Sampson, Lucy A.: Berwyn 1900’s
Schafer: Malvern 1890-1900’s
Shoemaker, W. L.: Phoenixville 1880’s
Sigman, J. W.: Phoenixville 1880-1950’s
Small, E. F.: West Chester 1910’s
Smedley, E.: West Chester 1860’s
Smith, Harry: Coatesville 1890’s
South, William C.: Downingtown 1900-1910
Stein, David: West Chester 1870’s
Stoddart, Chester H.: Coatesville 1890’s
Swayne, Anna Belle: Kennett Square 1890-1900’s
Swoffer, John E.: Coatesville 1890’s
Taylor, Alfred: West Chester 1860’s
Taylor, Charles S.: Coatesville 1890’s
Taylor, Jesse: West Chester 1860-61
Taylor, Jacob: West Chester 1860’s
Taylor, Thomas W.: West Chester 1860-1890’s
Tomas, Chester H.: Kennett Square 1910-1930’s
Tyson, Charles: West Grove 1890’s
Tyson, Isaac G.: West Grove 1880’s
Valentine, Chalkley: West Chester 1850’s
Walker: West Grove 1890’s?
Wandell & Hughes: Downingtown 1910’s
Ward, Thomas C.: Oxford 1890-1900’s
West, Robert T.: West Chester 1860’s
West, William W.: Spring City 1880-1890’s
Wiley, Thomas J.: Oxford 1880-1890’s
Woodward, Eber: West Chester 180-1860’s
Woodward & Cheyney: West Chester 1854-56
Woodward & Taylor: West Chester 1861
Woodward & Worthington: West Chester 1859
Yarnall, M. B.: Phoenixville 1870-1880’s
Young, Robert Jr.: Coatesville 1900’s