Quaker: London Grove Friends Marriages

Marriages at London Grove Monthly Meeting, indexed by Groom

1806.11.12Allen, EllisParents: William and Sarah Allen

White, RebeccaParents:
1812.10.12Allen, JohnParents: William and Sarah Allen

Way, AnnParents:
1830.12.15Humes, DavidParents:

Allen, AnnParents: Willian and Sarah Allen
1794.11.12Bailey, JoshuaParents:

Bailey, HannahParents:
1800.12..17Trego, JacobParents: William and Rachel Trego

Baily, DeborahParents: Isaac and Hannah Baily
1801.1.14Vernon, AbrahamParents:

Baily, MaryParents: Isaac and Hannah Baily
1803.4..7Baily, VincentParents: Isaac and Lydia Baily

Barnard, SusannaParents: Jeremiah and Elizabeth Barnard of West Marlborough
1816.11.13Baily, JesseParents: Isaac and Hannah Baily

Baily, MaryParents:
1821.12.12Cole, Richard M.Parents:

Baily, MaryParents: William and Lucy Baily of West Marlborough
1824.5.12Downing, George S.Parents:

Baily, SarahParents: William and Lucy Baily of West Marlborough
1827.4.11Hicks, WilliamParents:

Baily, HannahParents: William and Lucy Baily of West Marlborough
1812.4.15Pusey, WilliamParents: Wiliam and Elizabeth Pusey

Baker, LydiaParents: James and Sarah Baker of West Marlborough
1812.11.11Richards, JoshuaParents: Isaac and Ann Richards

Baker, PhebeParents: James and Sarah Baker of West Marlborough
1804.4.11Barnard, Jeremiah, Jr.Parents: Jeremiah and Elizabeth Barnard

Pusey, AbigailParents:
1810.4.11Barnard, GeorgeParents: Jeremiah and Elizabeth Barnard

Pennock, SusannaParents:
1812.8.11Barnard, CyrusParents: Richard and Lettice Barnard

Wilson, RachelParents: Ephraim and Elizabeth Wilson
1816.6.18Barnard, AmosParents: Richard and Sarah Barnard

Wilson, AnnParents: Ephraim and Elizabeth Wilson
1814.11.16Bartram, IsaacParents: Benjamin and Elizabeth Bartram

Baily, PhebeParents:
1807.4.15Bonsall, ObediahParents: Obediah and Rebecca Bonsall

Carlan, SarahParents:
1811/2.13Brown, RobertParents: Robert and Dinah Brown

Pennock, SarahParents:
1813.6.16Brown, JosephParents:

Chambers, PhebeParents: John and Rebecca Chambers
1795.3.18Chambers, JohnParents:

Pusey, ElizabethParents:
1795.5.20Reynolds, SamuelParents: Jacob and Rebecka Reynolds

Chambers, MaryParents: John and Rebecca Chambers
1803.6.8Moore, DavidParents:

Chambers, SarahParents: John and Rebecca Chambers
1792.10.17Chandler, ThomasParents: William and Rebecca Chandler

Chamberlin, AnnParents:
1814.10.19Chandler, JosephParents: Allen and Sarh Chandler

Brook, AnnParents:
1806.4.11Coates, WarwickParents: Samuel and Abigail Coates of East Caln

Pusey, ElinorParents:
1824.4.14Commons, WilliamParents: John and Sarah Commons of Jefferson Co., VA

Woodward, RebeccaParents:
1817.6.11Cope, BenjaminParents: Nathan and Amy Cope

Swayne, RestParents: Caleb and Mary Swayne
1816.1.10Dickinson, HenryParents: Joseph and Elizabeth of Sadsbury

Baily, HannahParents:
1801.11.11Eyre, JonasParents: Isaac and Ann Eyre

Pusey, SusannaParents: Joshua and Mary Pusey
1795.5.13Garrettson, JacobParents: William and Lydia Garrettson

Hoopes, MaryParents:
1819.12.15Gest, JohnParents: Joseph and Deborah Gest of Sadsbury

Barnard, AnnParents:
1801.12.9Gibbons, WilliamParents: Abraham and Lydia Gibbons

Pusey, HannahParents: Joshua and Mary Pusey
1793.11.13Gray, EnochParents: Enoch and Margery Gray

Swayne, SarahParents:
1793.4.10Greave, JonathanParents: Jonathan Greave

Pusey, AnnParents: David Pusey
1797.4.12Greenfield, AmosParents: James and Ann Greenfield

Hoopes, MargaretParents:
1818.1.11Hedley, JohnParents: Samuel and Mable Hedley

Pennock, AnnParents:
1807.9.16Harlan, JosephParents:

Mann, LydiaParents: John and Lydia Mann
1793.1.9Harry, AmosParents: Amos and Hannah Harry

Wickersham, MaryParents:
1814.12.14Hayes, MordecaiParents:

Edwards, RuthParents:
1804.1.12Hicklin, ThomasParents: William and Jane Hicklin

Woodrow, PhebeParents:
1797.3.8Hoopes, WilliamParents: Jonathan and Elizabeth Hoopes

Alford, AnnParents:
1796.2.10Hoopes, IssacharParents: Joshua and Susanna Hoopes of East Bradford

Woodrow, RachelParents:
1798.10.3Jones, ThomasParents: Joseph and Mary Jones of Montgomery Co.

Walton, LydiaParents:
1797.12.3Lamborn, DavidParents: Robert and Ann Lamborn

Williams, ElizabethParents:
1799.12.11Lamborn, DanielParents: John and Naomi Lamborn

Smith, ElizabethParents:
1819.6.16Lewis, James M.Parents:

Barnard, MaryParents:
1808.4.13Mann, JohnParents: John and Lydia Mann

Smith, MaryParents:
1821.5.17Walton, JosephParents:

Mann, AbigailParents: John and Lydia Mann
1822.515Mann, IssacherParents: John and Lydia Mann

Hills, HannahParents: David and Dinah Hills
1795.8.12Marshall, ThomasParents: Thomas and Edith of Concord

Swayne, MargaretParents:
1805.10.16Marshall, HumphreyParents: Samuel and Rachel of West Bradford

Underhill, MaryParents:
1812.11.25Marshall, SamuelParents: Thomas and Mary of Concord

Pusey, PhilenaParents:
1801.3.11Miller, JohnParents: Jesse and Lydia Miller

John, EdithParents:
1800.4.9Moore, WilliamParents: John and Sarah Moore of Sadsbury

Pyle, RachelParents:
1802.4.14Pennock, JosephParents: Levis and Ruth Pennock of West Marlborough

Wilkinson, HannahParents: Francis and Hannah Wilkinson
1807.11.11Phillips, MahlonParents: John and Lydia Phillips

Wilson, RebeccaParents: Ephraim and Elizabeth Wilson
1811.4.10Preston, AmosParents: Jospeh and Rebecca

Smith, MargaretParents:
1798.11.7Pusey, DavidParents: David and Sarah Pusey

Harry, NaomiParents:
1803.4.13Pusey, JosephParents: Joshua and Hannah Pusey

Baily, SarahParents:
1803.5.11Pusey, ThomasParents: Thomas and Mary Pusey

White, SusannaParents:
1804.10.17Pusey, GeorgeParents:

Swayne, RuthParents:
1811.10.16Pusey, JonasParents: Joshua and Hannah

Pennock, HannahParents:
1807.3.25Pyle, IsaacParents: Jacob and Sarah Pyle

Cook, RuthParents:

Scarlett, NathanielParents: John and Mary Scarlett of New Garden

Baily, LydiaParents:
1825.5.10Smith, IsaacParents: James and Mary Smith

Chalfant, HannahParents:
1807.3.11Speakman, JoshuaParents: Ebenezer and Mary Speakman

Pyle, AnnParents:
1807.10.14Swayne, EliParents: James and Hannah Swayne

Woodward, DeborahParents:
1807.11.25Swayne, WilliamParents: Samuel and Hannah Swayne

Smith, RebeccaParents:
1815.12.13Swayne, NathanParents: Samuel and Hannah Swayne

Pennock, SarahParents:
1793.1.16Taylor, IsaacParents: John and Hannah Taylor

Butter, AnnParents:
1796.6.8Taylor, JacobParents:

Harlan, MaryParents:
1798.4.11Thompson, EliParents: Daniel and Elizabeth Thompson

Wilson, ElizabethParents: Ephraim and Elizabeth Wilson
1810.11.14Thompson, JoshuaParents: Daniel and Elizabeth

Wilson, MaryParents: Ephraim and Elizabeth Wilson
1809.5.10Trimble, JamesParents: Joseph and Ann

Wilkinson, ElizabethParents: Francis and Hannah Wilkinson
1800.4.8Walton, ThomasParents: Joshua and Elizabeth Walton

Harlan, SusannaParents:
1804.10.17Way, MosesParents: Jacob and Phebe Way

Wilkinson, SusannaParents: Francis and Hannah Wilkinson
1812.10.14Way, JosephParents: James and Hannah Way

Barnard, MaryParents:
1810.10.17Levi, WickershamParents: Sampson and Elizabeth Wickersham

Woodward, RachelParents:
1814.2.16Wickersham, JoelParents: Sampson and Elizabeth Wickersham

Pusey, LydiaParents:
1811.12.18Edge, JohnParents:

Wilkinson, RuthParents: Francis and Hannah Wilkinson
1806.12.10Wilkinson, FrancisParents: Francis and Hannah Wilkinson

Pusey, PhebeParents:
1795.5.14Wilson, StephenParents: James Wilson of Mill Creek

Pusey, LydiaParents:
1821.5.16Hilles, JesseParents:

Wilson, LydiaParents: Ephraimand Elizabeth Wilson
1794.5.7Wollaston, JamesParents: Thomas and Hannah Wollaston

Pennock, SusannaParents:
1800.11.5West, JohnParents: Thomas and Susanna West

Swayne, LydiaParents:
1799.5.8Woodrow, IsaacParents: Isaac and Ruth Woodrow of East Marlborough

Pyle, SarahParents:
1799.12.18Woodward, SamuelParents: Samuel and Sarah Woodward

Cook, HannahParents:
1800.4.9Woodward, SamuelParents: Samuel and Sarah Woodward

Swayne, AnnParents:
1801.12.10Swayne, BenjaminParents:

Woodward, SusannaParents:

Marriages Published in the Village Record

4/12/1820: Marriage At Friends meeting in Londongrove, on 4th day the 12th instant, REUBEN WHITE, of Newgarden township, to LYDIA CHANDLER, of the same place. (Village Record on April 26, 1820)

4/13/1820:  Marriage On the 5th day, the 13th instant, at Friends’ meeting, in Newgarden, JOSHUA WAY, of Kennett, to SIDNEY HUTTON, of Newgarden, all of Chester county. (Village Record on April 26, 1820)