Rhoads Opera House Fire of 1908 Victims List

The following tables show the victims of the Rhoads Opera House fire, with the first list showing those individuals whose remains were able to be identified. Names shown as a link (bolded text) are connected to my primary online genealogy database to provide further information about the individual and their families. [Note- links to database are not currently active]

Below this first listing appears the list of those 25 victims of the fire whose remains could not be identified. They were interned in a common plot in Fairview Cemetery with a memorial noting their names

Anderson, James
Anderson, Maria Y. [Geyer]Wife of Morris M.Fairview
Anderson, MarigoldDaughter of Calvin R. and Olivia K. [Miller]Falkner Swamp
Anderson, Mary [Helfrich]Wife of JamesFairview
Anderson, Normanson of Morris M.Fairview
Bauman, Annie
Bauman, Lottie S.Daughter of AugustusUnion, Boyertown
Bauman, Lucinda [Reitnauer]Wife of MartinFairview
Bauman, Walter S.
Union, Boyertown
Becker, AlmaDaughter of J.J. and Mary Alice [Donmoyer]Hope, Kutztown
Becker, MaryDaughter of J.J. and Mary Alice [Donmoyer]Hope, Kutztown
Becker, Mary Alice [Donmoyer]Wife of J.J.Hope, Kutztown
Binder, Henry M.
Bortz, Layonna
St Pauls, Amityville
Boyer, Edna LucileDaughter of James K. and Annie C.Fairview
Brendlinger, Clara
Brunner, Dr. Frank
Buchert, WilloughbySon of George and ElizabethFairview
Christman, Kate W. [Bauman]Wife of GeorgeFairview
Clemmer, Irwin
Union Hereford Mennonite, Bally
Derr, Annie R.
Christ Union, Niantic
Diamond, Rosa
Mount Carmel, Frankford
Edinger, FlorenceDaughter of William and MaryFairview
Emrick, Edward
Charles Evans, Reading
Engel, Mary Ann [Muthard]Wife of WilloughbyFairview
Engle, Emma H.
Union, Boyertown
Fegely, LuluDaughter of Lewis and Emma G. [Leidy]Fairview
Fisher, Mary

Foreman, Harry H.
Sinking Spring
Foreman, Irene
Sinking Spring
Foreman. Nellie
Sinking Spring
Foreman, Rebecca [Wentzel]Wife of HarrySinking Spring
Foreman, Sophia
Sinking Spring
Francis, Anna Louise [Schetzline]Wife of Dr. L. K. FrancisFairview
Francis, Rebecca

Frey, Edwin

Gabel, Abraham

Gabel, Agnes [Edinger]Wife of DanielFairview
Gabel, DanielSon of Jacob G.Fairview
Geyer, Mae
Glaes, Susan [Francis]Wife of John
Godshall, Ellen
Gottshall, Herbert
Gottshall, KatieWife of HerbertFairview
Grabert, Matilda
Graeff, Mabel
Graver, John
Graver, Lottie
Grim, LillieDaughter of George and Isabella [Hess]Fairview
Guard, Ruth (Mary)Daughter of Curtis and LauraFairvew
Haring, HannahDaughter of JohnOley
Hartman, CarrieDaughter of FrankFairview
Hartman, CharlesSon of DanielFairview
Hartman, Rebecca A.Wife of AmosFairview
Hartman, Sallie H.
Hartman, VernaDaughter of WilliamFairview
Heimbach, Stella
Herbst, Nora
Huff Union
Hess, Charles
St Pauls Lutheran, Lobachsville
Hoffman, JohnSon of Wallace and RessieAmityville
Hoffman, Teresa (“Ressie”) [Good]Wife of WallaceAmityville
Houck, RussellSon of HarryFairview
Johnson, Clara [Gilbert]Wife of Ephraim H.Fairview
Johnson, Ellen W. [Leaver]Wife of Ephraim B.Fairview
Johnson, Jacob P. S.
Johnson, Olivia F. [Moyer]Wife of Herbert, Daughter of Wm. and Elizabeth [Frey]Fairview
Johnson, Sallie M. [Edinger]Wife of Henry, Daughter of William C. and MaryFairview
Jones, Mamie

Kline, Rosa [Saltzer].Wife of CharlesFairview
Knipe, EmilyDaughter of Dr. KnipeFalkner Swamp
Knipe, KatherineDaughter of Dr. KnipeFalkner Swamp
Knipe, LizzieDaughter of Dr, KnipeFalkner Swamp
Kochel, BlancheDaughter of Milton KochelMt. Zion
Kochel, MabelDaughter of Milton KochelMt. Zion
Kolb, Stella
Krause, Anna [Fisher]Wife of WilliamPottstown, West End
Krause, Daniel
Union, Boyertown
Krause, SellaGrand-daughter of Aaron OchenfordUnion, Boyertown
Lefever, Maggie
Leidy, Franklin E.Son of Franklin G. and KateFairview
Leidy, HoraceSon of Joseph and Ellen Drumheller PrutzmanSt Peters Union, Macungie
Leidy, HowardSon of Horace and SallieSt Peters Union, Macungie
Leidy, LauraDaughter of Joseph and Alice [Tyson]Fairview
Leidy, Sallie [Wetzel]Wife of HoraceSt Peters Union, Macungie
Leinbach, Ada [Lefever]Wife of HarryFairview
Ludwig, Mary Y
St Pauls, Amityville
Maurer, Charles W.
Mayer, Dr. Charles Eugene
Mayer, Gwendolyn
Mayers, DellaLecturer at performanceFairview
Mensch, Austin
Miller, Clarence
Charles, Evans, Reading
Moore, Ellen R. [Stauffer]Wife of GeorgeFairview
Moyer, Alice B.Daughter of Ephraim H. and Diane [Bauer]Fairview
Moyer, Alice [Drumheller]Wife of Harry D. MoyerFairview
Moyer, Edna F.Daughter of William H. and Elizabeth [Frey]Fairview
Moyer, Florence F.Daughter of William H. and Elizabeth [Frey]Fariview
Moyer, Frances S.
Moyer, George
Moyer, Stella S.
Nuss, AnnieWife of CharlesFairview
Nuss, Charles J. B.
Nuss, Harold
Ochenford, Aaron
Union, Boyertown
Ochenford, MaryWife of AaronUnion, Boyertown
Parsons, George
Parsons, Olivia M. [Edinger]Wife of GeorgeFairview
Peters, StellaWife of GeorgeFairview
Reinert, Bertha
Union, Boyertown
Rhoads, Edith K.Daughter of WilliamFairview
Rhoads, Jeremiah
New Hanover Lutheran
Rhoads, Laura Y.Duaghter of RichardFairview
Ritter, AnnieDaughter of Frank and LillieFairview
Romich, Wayne
Romig, Olivia [Weiser]Wife of GeorgeFairview
Romig, SallieDaughter of J. H. and MandillaUnion, Boyertown
Schmoyer, Mary Ellen [Manwiller]Wife of AddisonUnion, Boyertown
Shaner, AmandaWife of HenryFairview
Shaner, CharlesSon of Henry and AmandaFairview
Shaner, PaulSon of Henry and AmandaFairview
Stober, Frances
Terre Hill, Lancaster Co.
Stober, Ira
Terre Hill, Lancaster Co.
Shollenberger, Cora B. [Leinbach[Wife of FrankFairview
Shollenberger, Mary [Keller]buried next to first husband as Mary BowerFairview
Shollenberger, William
Smith, Mary A. [Emrick]Wife of GeorgeCharles Evans, Reading
Stauffer, Edwin B.Son of Levi and SarahFairview
Stauffer, EmmaDaughter of Levi and SarahFairview
Stauffer, LuluDaughter of Irwin and Olivia [Landis]Fairview
Tabor, Isabella [Drumheller]Widow of Charles FrederickUnion, Boyertown
Thompson. Bertha Augusta [Klinger]Wife of AmosFairview
Toms, Eva D. [Schoenly]Wife of WIlliam Z.TomsFairview
Toms, Mamie W.Daughter of Charles and LillieUnion, Boyertown
Turner, Sallie G. [Berks]Wife of Richard, Daughter of A. W. BerksFairview
Van Reed, J. Warren
Weand, VenniaDaughter of Franklin and Amanda [Reinert]Union, Boyertown
Weber, MarthaDaughter of Rev, A. M. WeberHaggs, Bernville
Weller, IdaDaughter of Jacob and Mary AnnHill Church, Oley
Weller, JacobSon of Aaron and Sarah [Dotterer] WellerHill Church, Oley
Weller, Mary Ann [Hafer]Wife of Jacob WellerHIll Church, Oley
Wien, CarrieDaughter of William and Emma [Walt]Union, Boyertown
Wien, Florence E.Daughter of William and Emma [Walt]Union, Boyertown
Yerger, Carrie H.
Union, Boyertown
Yoder, Elizabeth
Ziegler, Lizzie

This list below is that of the 25 victims whose remains could not be identified.

Anderson, Morris M.
Bauman, Addie R. [Weand]Wife of Oswin
Bauman, Carrie L.
Bauman, Edna
Boyer, James Keely
Clouser, Annie E. [Gilbert]Wife of Hiram
Cullen, Esther M.
Erb, Esther F.
Firtz, Ida Cora
Fritz, John S.
Hoffman, Alice
Hoffman, CarolineWife of Reuben
Hoffman, Lottie H.
Johnson, Ephraim H.
LaPish, Marie
LaPish, Robert
Leaver, Clara
Leidy, Hiram L BSon of Albert S. and Elizabeth S. [Bryan] Leidy
Lichtel, EmmaWife of Isaac
Lichtel, L. Newton
Schoenly, Annie K. [Heacock]Wife of George
Taggert, Ellen
Taggert, Robert
Taggert, Rosa Ellen
Wien, Sarah EmmaWife of Henry