Runaway Wives: 1730-1779

Elopements and Other Miscreant Deeds of Women as Advertised in The Pennsylvania Gazette Such was the title of the article written by Judith A. Meier for the Pennsylvania Genealogy Magazine and, as such, it would be hard not to read further. The article itself is very lengthy and so I’ll restrict myself to merely abstracting some of the most interesting information contained within the article. If nothing else, the article gives valuable information regarding the names of the parties involved. Bear in mind, when reading these, that elopement in those days meant leaving one’s spouse.

Jan. 1730/31Ann, wife of Benjamin AshtonLower Dubklin, Phila Co.Eloped
Sept. 1731Jane, wife of  John AmyesBristol, Bucks CoEloped
Nov. 1732Ann, wife of  Samuel FarraPhiladelphiaEloped
Aug. 1733Esther, wife of Thomas ChilcottPhiladelphiaEloped
May 1734Elizabeth, wife of James MartinPhiladelphiaEloped
Apr. 1736Christiana, wife of Valentine KlinGermantown, Phila CoEloped
July 1736Katherina, wife of  John DavisSpringfield Manor, Phila CoEloped
May 1739Mary, wife of  Abraham HerpinOley, Phila CoEloped
Apr. 1740Margaret, wife of John KenardMoreland, Mont. CoEloped
May 1740Elizabeth, wife of John BerwickPhiladelphiaRan up debt
Apr. 1741Mary, wife of Charles MoorePhiladelphiaGuilty of some Misdemeanor
July 1741Elizabeth, wife of John ChamponChestnut Hill, Phila Co.Eloped
Apr. 1742Mary, wife of Daniel DaleyPhiladelphiaEloped
July 1742Mary, wife of Henry PawlingPerkiomen, Phila Co.Eloped
Dec. 1742Mary, wife of Richard LeadameunstatedMisused husband, ran up debt
Apr. 1743Margaret, wife of John KennardMoreland, Phila Co.Eloped again
Jun 1743Elizabeth, wife of John CredeBuckingham, Bucks CO.Ran up debt, separated
Jun 1743Ann or Nancy, wife of Hugh McClaine, daughter of Jane LepolNorthern Liberties, Phila.Ran up debt, eloped
Aug. 1743Dorcas, wife of Jonathan Peaselyunstatedeloped repeatedly
Feb 1744/5Eleanor, wife of Andrew McBroomMoreland, Phila CoEloped, taken items of value
Apr 1745Agnes, wife of Jacob MayerSkippack, Mont. Co.Eloped
Aug. 1745Judith, wife of  Bryan KennedyPhiladelphiaEloped, deserted child, leads loose disorderly life
Sep. 1745Hester, wife of Robert TennantunstatedEloped
Oct. 1745wife of William CookePhiladelphiabigamy
Oct. 1745Barbara, wife of James FullenPhiladelphiaunseemly behavior, endeavoring his ruin
Nov. 1745Elizabeth, wife of Thomas RamseyunstatedEloped
Apr. 1746Johanna, wife of John HolderDarby, Chester Co (now Del Co)refuses to live with husband
May 1746Rose, wife of John Bowler, marinerPhiladelphiaran up debt in his absence
May 1746Catharine, wife of Richard WarkinsPhiladelphiaran up debt
May 1746Catharine, wife of Richard WarkinsPhiladelphiaretraction by husband
Jun 1746Jane, wife of Thomas LinusNew Providence, Phila CoEloped
Jul 1746Ann, wife of Thomas RushbrookPhiladelphiaEloped
Jul 1746Mary, wife of John FenbyunstatedEloped wo/ cause
Aug. 1746Mary, wife of John Fenbyunstatedseparation by joint agreement, but he is withholding some of her belongings
Sep. 1746Esther, wife of John HarrisPaxtang, Lanc. Comutual separation
Oct. 1746Maria Margaretta, eife of Johan Henry LeshireGermantown, Phila Co.Eloped
Jan. 1746/7Mary, wife of Thomas WarnerPhila CountyEloped
Feb 1746/7Mary, wife of Thomas WarnerPhila CountyEloped again
Jun 1747Catherine, wife of Robert BullockPhiladelphiaRan up debt frequently
Jul 1747Catherine, wife of Frederick WeisPhila CountyEloped
Sep. 1747Chessen, wife of Thomas TaylorMiddletown, Del. CoEloped
Nov 1747Mary, wife of William McNealHorsham, Phila CoEloped
Dec 1747Mary, wife of Nicholas GrubbWilmington, DEEloped
May 1748Mary, wife of Samuel DyerPlumstead, Bucks CoEloped
Jun 1748Jane, wife of Peter Henry Dorsius, dau. of Derrick HogelandBucks CountyEloped
Jun 1748Jane, dau of Derrick HogelandBucks CountyRebuttal, states that Peter failed to support his family due to intemperance
Sep 1748Lydia, wife of John RueunstatedEloped
Sep 1748Elizabeth, wife of Thomas SugarPhiladelphiaEloped, gave husband’s belongings to her son David Lynn
Nov 1749Eleanor, wife of Andrew M’BroomMoreland, Phila CoEloped
Nov 1749Catherine, wife of George Miller, carpenterPhiladelphiaEloped
Sep 1750Catherine, wife of John SlaughterGermantown, Phila CoEloped
Sep 1750Catherine, wife of Thomas CarrollPhiladelphiaEloped
Jul 1751Martha, wife of William SweatPhiladelphiaEloped
Aug 1751Anne, wife of Fortunatus Woodnot statedEloped
Sep 1751Susanna, wife of Andreas KemplerPhiladelphiaEloped
Oct 1751Martha, wife of Thomas Oglenot statedEloped
Feb 1752Hannah, wife of Ralph WalkerPhiladelphiaEloped
Apr 1752Elizabeth, wife of WIlliam FordPhiladelphiaEloped
Jun1752Ann, wife of Thomas CampbellPhiladelphiaEloped
Nov 1752Margaret, wife of Conrad WhitakerPhiladelphiaRan up debt
Dec 1752Mary, wife of Anthony NewhouseGermantown, Phila CoRan up debt
Jan 1753Barbary, wife of Matthew GraffPhiladelphiaEloped
Mar 1753Mary, wife of Anthony New houseGermantown, Phila Coforbids any from trusting his wife
Aug 1753Ann, wife of Peter Dolonnot statedEloped
Dec 1753Margaret, wife of John TowersPhila CountyEloped multiple times
Jan 1754Athalanah, wife of Geroge Douglasnot statedUnbecoming manner, ran up debt
Apr 1754Margaret, wife of Edward DavisWhitemarsh, Mont CoEloped
Oct 1754Anne, wife of Hugh Smithnot statedEloped, disorderly manner
Nov 1754Margaret, wife of Peter Mastersnot statedEloped
Jan 1755Amey, wife of Richard ShortallPhiladelphiaEloped
Feb 1755Deborah, wife of John McClellandPhiladelphiaRan up debt
May 1755Elizabeth, wife of Samuel CochranTinicum twp., Bucks CoEloped
May 1755Elizabeth, wife of Samuel CochranTinicum twp., Bucks CoRetraction: Wife returns
May 1755Jean, wife of William HallPhiladelphiaEloped, ran up debt
Sep 1755Ann, wife of Peter DolanFalls, Bucks CoEloped, ran up debt
Feb 1756Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Hulingsnot statedEloped, refuses to return
11 Mar 1756Anne, wife of Daniel RichardsKingsessingEloped
24 Feb 1757Mary, wife of John Richey, marinernot statedRan up debt in his absence
29 Sep 1757Jane, wife of William HallPhiladelphiaEloped again, ran up debt
24 Nov 1757Mary, wife of Valentine Nullnot statedEloped, ran up debt
27 Apr 1758Frances, wife of Joihn Welsh, marinerPhiladelphiaEloped
13 Jul 1758Mary, wife of John Richeynot statedRan up debt again
5 Dec 1758Hannah, wife of John Beals, hatmakerPhiladelphiaEloped
21 Dec 1758Mary Rosanna, wife of John ConradesmithPassyunk, Phila CoEloped
3 Jul 1759Rebecca, wife of John HoodNorthern Lib., Phila CoEloped, ‘persuasion of her evilminded and malicous relations’
11 Jul 1759Rebecca, wife of John HoodNorthern Lib., Phila CoRebuttal: he abused her
15 Nov 1759Honour Matthews, widow, John TodmanPhiladelphiaClaimed to his wife, attempted to obtain credit. He stated: ‘Honour is not, nor ever was, nor ever will be, my wife.’
26 Mar 1760Ann, wife of John AdamsPhiladelphiaEloped
14 May 1760Elizabeth, wife of James WrightPhiladelphiaEloped
19 Jun 1760Deborah, wife of Timothy Brannonnot statedEloped
31 July 1760Rebecca, wife of Thomas Dunbar, marinerPhiladelphiaRan up debt
2 Oct 1760Hannha, wife of John Michael SeleckWhitemarsh, Mont CoEloped
2 Apr 1761Grace, wife of Benjamin ScottSouthampton, Bucks CoSeparated, neglects care of children, amy run up debt
7 May 1761Deborah, wife of John McClellandPhiladelphiaGrants maintenance to his estranged wife
21 May 1761Elizabeth, wife of Joseph GrainPhiladelphiaEloped
28 February 1762Jane, wife of James JeanesNorthern Lib., PhilaVery unbecoming behavior, warning to creditors
11 Mar 1762Barbara, wife of Thomas Prattnot statedEloped
1 Apr 1762Elizabeth, wife of William AdamsBristol twp, Bucks CoEloped
3 Aug 1762Jane, wife of William MillerPhiladelphiaEloped
26 Aug 1762Mary Tynan, (AKA Kelly, AKA Mangles, AKA Moore), wife of Thomas Tynan, tobacco spinnerPhiladelphiaEloped, Stole goods, threatens to run up debt
16 Dec 1762Mary, wife of Leader Dicenson, marinerPhiladelphiaran up debt
17 Feb 1763Anna, wife of Adam RedcapPhiladelphiaMisbehavior
30 Jun 1763Catherine, wife of Michael NewhousePhiladelphiaSeparation
21Jul 1763Jane, wife of John Boon, marinerPhiladelphiaRan up debt
11 Aug 1763Elizabeth, wife of Jacob Kellernot statedEloped
11 Aug 1763Elizabeth, wife of John EdwardsPhiladelphiaEloped
8 Dec 1763Catherine, wife of John Schiwn, laborerSouthern LIb., Phila CoEloped
15 Dec 1763Christiana, wife of Daniel WistarBedminster, Bucks CoMutual separation
12 Jan 1764Rebecca, wife of Nicholas HatcherMiddletown, Bucks CoMisbehavior
12 Jan 1764Catherine Bryan, wife of John Cogginnot statedMutual separation
18 Oct 1764Hannah, wife of John Williamsonnot statedEloped
18 Oct 1764Catherine, wife of Conrad Holtzbaumnot  statedEloped
18 Apr 1765Rachel, wife of William LeperSolesbury, Bucks CoEloped
23 May 1765Mary, wife of Jacob Johnsonnot statedBase and wicked manner, consorted with other men, ran up debt
17 Oct 1765Margaret, wife of Thomas BrownChester CoEloped
31 Oct 1765Margaret, wife of John McClellandnot statedEloped
5 Dec 1765Catherine, wife of Michael NewhouseKensingtonEloped again
1 May 1766Catherine, wife of John GreggPhiladelphiaMisbehaved while he was at sea
24 Jul 1766Jane, wife of Joseph Barnetnot statedEloped, Adultery
31 Jul 1766Hannah, wife of Nathan BonsallKingsess. Phila CoRefused to live w/ husband
14 Aug 1766Tamzen, wife of Henry Lanaway, laborerPhladelphiaDisorderly behavior
28 Aug 1766Eleanor, wife of Thomas Milnor, bricklayerPhiladelphiaEloped
16 Oct 1766Cornelia, wife of William KeenPhiladelphiaMisbehavior, ran up debt
23 Oct 1766Margaret, wife of John M’Keighen, stone masonPhiladelphiaEloped
18 Dec 1766Elizabeth Moore, wife of Elias VandelpPhiladelphiaRan up debt
1 Jan 1767Jane, wife of Charles Tennantnot statedRan up debt, eloped
4 Jun 1767Elizabeth, wife of Isaac KellyPhiladelphiaRan up debt
5 Feb 1767Sophia, wife of Edward Connernot statedRan up debt
5 Feb 1767Jane, wife of Charles Tennentnot statedRebuttal by wife: he was abusive
26 Feb 1767Sarah, wife of Philip Helternot statedFelony conviction
26 Feb 1767Sophia, wife of Edward ConnerNorthern Lib., Phila CoRebuttal: he was abusive spendthrift
12 Mar 1767Sarah, wife of Robert Wheatennot statedRan up debt
16 Jul 1767Catherine, wife of Jacob KeiserPhiladelphiaEloped
31 Dec 1767Dorothy, wife of Godfrey Lonbergernot statedunbecoming behavior, ran up debt
7 Jan 1768Elizabeth, wife of John Badernot statedEloped, taken up w/ other man
7 Jan 1768Margaret, wife of Isaac Dorlandnot statedRan up debt
7 Apr 1768Catherine, wife of Isaac Haseltonnot statedEloped
16 Jun 1768Elizabeth, wife of John Badernot statedRebuttal: he left her destitute
1 Sep 1768Rose, wife of James Welch, taylorPhiladelphiaMutual separation
20 Oct 1768Rebecca, wife of John HoodNorthern Lib., Phila CoEloped again
27 Oct 1768Sarah, wife of John RossPhiladelphiaRan up debt
8 Dec 1768Judy, wife of John Robinsonnot statedEloped
1 Jun 1769Catherine, wife of Robert ShannonPhiladelphiaEloped
13 Jul 1769Elizabeth, wife of John Clark, marinernot statedMisbehavior
10 Aug 1769Susanna ,wife of William Rusk, butchernot statedHas behaved in sucha manner that her husband cannot live her
10 Aug 1769Mary Cathereine, wife of Conrad GenhartNorthern Liberties, Phila CoHusband warns not to trust his wife
19 Oct 1769Martha, wife of John LongheadWarwick Twp, Bucks CoEloped
29 Dec 1769Hannah, wife of Thomas Hodge, chimney-sweepPhiladelphiaEloped
1 Mar 1770Hannah, wife of William KiddPhiladelphiaRan up debt
14 Aug 1770Eva Mary, wife of Wiliam KerlsPhiladelphiaEloped
20 Sep 1770Catherine, wife of Samuel BlakerWarwick Twp, Bucks CoSold his bonds
1 Nov 1770Ann, wife of James FitzsimmonsLower Merion, Phila CoEloped, left him with children
15 Nov 1770Rosy, wife of Peter SavoyPhiladelphiaEloped
20 Dec 1770Sarah, wife of Thomas SandsSouthampton, Bucks CoEloped
7 Jan 1771Catherine, wife of Evan Jonesnot statedHusbdna warns against wife
14 Feb 1771Barbara, wife of John Arndorffnot statedClaims husband abused her
28 Feb 1771Barbara, wife of John Arndorffnot statedRebuttal by husband, claims she was convicted of adultery at Chester Court
4 Apr 1771Mary Fuller, wife of Jame Weldin RobertsPhiladelphiaClaims married her while legally married to another woman
4 Apr 1771Margaret, wife of Robert FlackBucks CoEloped
8 Aug 1771Eleanor, wife of John ButlerPitts GroveEloped
22 Aug 1771Mary, wife of John Millernot statedEloped, took belongings
23 Apr 1772Eleanor, wife of Frederick LawderbrunPhiladelphiaEloped, went to Ireland
14 May 1772Catherine, wife of Matthew Henricknot statedEloped, took 3 children, father wants to see children
4 Jun 1772Hannah, wifeof Peter Joyce Fitzgeraldnot statedEloped and attempted to marry  Richard Stagtham Thomas before Swedish minister
30 Sep 1772Dorothy, wife of John CashPhiladelphiaEloped
27 Jan 1773Penelope, wife of William Donaldnot statedEloped
28 Jul 1773Catherine, wife of John WagleEastonUnbecoming manner, eloped
29 Sep 1773Tacey, wife of John ChathamPhiladelphiaAdultery
6 Oct 1773Christine, wife of John LeechPhiladelphiaMutual separation
13 Oct 1773Isabelle, wife of John CampbellPlymouth twp, Phila CoEloped
20 Oct 1773Margaret, wife of Seymour Hood, marinerPhiladelphiahusband warns against wife
15 Dec 1773Nancy, wife of John DoddsShearman’s ValleyEloped
22 Dec 1773Mary, wife of John MurreyPhiladelphiaEloped
19 Jan 1774Anne, wife of John GreenPhiladelphiaEloped with John Tuck
19 Jan 1774Ann, wife of Philip WoodPlumstead, Bucks CoEloped
26 Jan 1774Anna Margaret, wife of Richard RichardsonProvidence, Phila CoEmbezzled
1 Jun 1774Elizabeth, wife of Godlieb ZeyherPhiladelphiaEloped
27 Jul 1774Elizabeth, wife of David StripeWhitemarsh, Mont CoRan up debt, eloped
3 Aug 1774Margaret, wife of James Gottlier, Jr.PhiladelphiaEloped
3 Aug 1774Mary, wife of James Paulhillnot statedEloped
3 Aug 1774Martha, wife of Samuel PennockPhiladelphiaPennock claims she is low his lawful wife as John Morton, her husband is still alive
19 Aug 1774Martha, wife of Samuel PennockPhiladelphiaRebuttal by wife, claims she is lawfully wed to Pennock
31 Aug 1774Jane, wife of Davis DavisBristol twp, Bucks CoImprudent behavior, separating
12 Oct 1774Elizabeth, wife of Thomas DaftPhiladelphiaEloped
9 Nov 1774Ann, wife of Alexander Grantnot statedEloped
11 OCt 1775Catherine, wife of Samuel BlakerWarwick, Bucks CoApology by husband
27 Mar 1775Agnes, wife of John Dodsnot statedEloped
31 Jul 1776Jane, wife of Gabriel BrownPhiladelphiaEloped
28 Aug 1776Jane, wife of Gabriel BrownPhiladelphiaHusband apologizes for his mistake
23 Jul 1777Mary, wife of Thomas Burneynot statedRan up debt
10 Sep 1777Elizabeth, wife of John Whiteakernot statedEloped
20 Jan 1779Ann Mary, wife of Henry HassMarlborough twp, Phila CoEloped, overly fond of strong liquor