Marriages Recorded by Centre Monthly Meeting

DateGroom / BrideParentsCeremony Location
12/15/1808John NicholsonSamuel and ElizabethHockessin Meetinghouse

Esther AshtonJoseph and Leah
3/15/1809Nathan GravesJacob and RebeccaCentre Meetinghouse

Hannah HowellsStephen and Sarah
10/12/1809John ThompsonDaniel and ElizabethCentre Meetinghouse

Elizabeth ReedJames and Ruth
12/14/1809Thomas WoodwardSamuel and SarahHockessin Meetinghouse

Mary BarneyReuben and Elizabeth
10/11/1810Benjamin PyleWilliam and SarahHockessin Meetinghouse

Mabell BarneyReuben and Elizabeth
6/13/1811John GrayDavid and MarthaHockessin Meetinghouse

Margaret ChandlerIsaac and Esther
12/12/1811William MarshallSsmuel and ElizabethCentre Meetinghouse

Hannah ThomasJohn and Elizabeth
3/11/1813Stephen WilsonJames and AmyHockesin Meetinghouse

Alice JacksonJames and Mary
4/1/1813William WilkinsonFrancis and HannahHockessin Meetiinghouse

Hannah PhillipsWilliam and Mary
6/20/1816John WalkerAlexander and MaryHockessin Meetinghouse

Edith SharplessCaleb and Ruhene
11/7/1816Thomas RaleyJohn and MaryHockessin Meetinghouse

Ann DixonJohn and Mary
1/23/1817Amos SharplessCaleb and RuheneHockessin Meetinghouse

Martha DixonJohn and Mary
4/16/1818Huson SwayneCaleb and MaryHcokessin Meetinghouse

Susanna PhillipsWilliam and Mary
10/20/1819John Griffith ElliottWilliam and EstherCentre Meetinghouse

Hannah KirkCaleb and Sarah
4/11/1821John Kinsey, Jr.John Kinsey, Sr. and MargaretCentre Meetinghouse

Margaret WoodwardSamuel and Ann
12/13/1821John Woodward, widowerJames and AliceHockessin Meetinghouse

Hannah ChandlerIsaac and Esther
10/23/1823Benjamin SwayneCaleb and MaryHockessin Meetinghouse

Sarah PhillipsWilliam and Mary
2/14/1824Samuel HadleySamuel and MabelHockessin Meetinghouse

Phebe WalkerJohn and Elizabeth
4/15/1824Joseph PyleJames and MaryHockessin Meetinghouse

Mary A. CloudJames and Margery
9/21/1824Johnathan WilsonStephen and LydiaHockessin Meetinghouse

Sarah M. JacksonEphraim and Elizabeth
4/21/1825Joseph TeasCharles and MaryHockessin Meetinghouse

Sarah Russelwilliam and Rachel
4/13/1826Jacob HealdJoseph and Hannah`Hockessin Meetinghouse

Sarah P. WilsonStephen and Lydia
1/12/1826Haines JacksonEphraim and ElizabethHockessin Meetinghouse

Ruth HealdJoseph and Hannah
2/15/1827William BailyJohn and TacyCentre Meetinghouse

Sarah WoodwardSamuel and Ann
10/11/1827Benjamin TaylorJacob and HannahHockessin Meetinghouse

Mary Ann HealdJoseph and Hannah
10/18/1827John J. PhillipsJohn and LydiaHockessin Meetinghouse

Mary PhllipsJohn C. and Albina
10/20/1828Marshall YeatmanJohn and HannahHockessin Meetinghouse

Mary DixonJehu and Mary
12/11/1828William S. WilsonThomas and RebeccaCentre Meetinghouse

Ruth WilsonEzekiel and Rachel
1/14/1830Jesse ChandlerJesse and MarthaHockessin Meetinghouse

Alice Wilson, widow, nee JacksonJames and Mary Jackson
9/16/1830John G. Peters, MDWillliam and MaryCentre Meetinghouse

Mary Ann ChandlerJesse and Rebecca
11/11/1830William M. CloudJames and MargeryHockessin Meetinghouse

Elizabeth YeatmanJohn and Hannah
12/16/1830Daniel GawthropThomas and ElizabethHockessin Meetinghouse

Elizabeth MitchellJoseph and Sarah
12/13/1832Thomas C. ChandlerJesse and RebeccaCentre Meetinghouse

Rachel WoodwardSamuel and Ann
12/13/1832Cyrus N. SpeakmanJohn and RachelHockessin Meetinghouse

Sarah Ann CloudJames and Margery
unreadableGarrett HoopesImlah and Edithunreadable

Hannah HattonSamuel and Sarah
2/12/1835Issac C. HoopesIsrael and MabelHockessin Meetinghouse

Elizabeth WalkerJohn and Elizabeth
10/13/1836Jacob WayWilliam and ElizabethHockessin Meetinghouse

Sidney Cherrynot shown
11/16/1837Jacob HayesMordecai and MaryHockessin Meetinghouse

Caroline PhillipsJohn and Albina
2/15/1838Samuel CranstonSimon and MaryHockessin

Hannah MitchellJoseph and Sarrah
3/17/1838Joseph MitchellThomas and LucyCentre Meetinghouse

Martha Dixon, widow, nee JacksonEphraim and Elizabeth
4/12/1838Jesse PennockMoses and MaryHockessin Meetinghouse

Hannah YeatmanJohn and Hannah
10/17/1838William SharplessCaleb and RuheneCentre Meetinghouse

Leah Ann AlsopRuhamah John and Elizabeth
11/15/1838Lewis PyleRobert and HannahHockessin Meetinghouse

Orpha HealdJoseph and Hannah
5/14/1840Israel HoopesJonathan and ElizabethHockessin Meetinghouse

Susanna JacksonEphraim and Elizabeth
4/15/1841Lewis ThompsonDaniel and JaneHockessin Meetinghouse

Lydia PuseyJacob and Hannah
3/16/1843William M. PalmerJoseph and MaryHome of Beulah Wilson

Mary WilsonSamuel and Beulah
11/13/1845Caleb MarshallRobert and MaryHopme of Elizabeth Reed

Jane P. ThompsonJohn and Elizabeth
2/25/1846Isaiah PriceBenjamin and JaneHome of Jacob Heald

Lydia HealdJacob and Sarah
9/9/1846Joseph M. PuseyJacob and HannahHome of John C. Phillips

Elizabeth PhillipsJohn C. and Albina
9/17/1846James M. PhillipsMahlon and DinahHome of Jacob Pusey

Mary PuseyJacob and Hannah
11/18/1846Spencer ChandlerPhilip and HannahHome of David Wilson

Eliza WilsonDavid and Sarah
1/14/1847Thomas HannumObadiah and HannahHome of Robert Marshall

Martha MarshallRobert and Mabel
1/20/1848Samuel Cranston, widowerSimon and MaryHome of Amos Sharpless

Edith SharplessAmos and martha
9/25/1850James WilsonPater and MaryHome of Isaac Gregg

Louisa GreggIsaac and Hannah
11/11/1850Charles BarnardRichard and HannahHome of William Swayne

Elizabeth M. SwayneWilliam and Mary Ann
11/18/1853Joseph MitchellJoseph and SarahHome of Joseph Mitchell

Hannah M. CloudWilliam M. cloud and Elizabeth
9/28/1854Stephen WilsonDavid and SarahHome of Joseph Mitchell

Sarah MitchellJoseph and Sarah
10/3/1854Elijah WeaverElijah WeaverHome of Thomas Chandler

Rebecca Chandlerthomas and Rachel
4/4/1855John Lea CowgillCharles and AnnHome of David Wilson

Lydia P. WilsonDavid and Sarah
1/6/1858Edward MendenhallJesse and SarahHome of John Marshall

Lydia S. MarshallJohn and Sarah
4/25/1860Amos GarrettIsaac and LydiaHome of Samuel Chandler

Anna M. ChandlerSamuel and Ann
10/6/1864William T. MendenhallJoseph R. and HannahHome of T. Chalkley Way

Hannah WayT. Chalkley and Sarah
3/5/1874Charles MarshallHoward and eEizabethHome of Caleb Sharpless

Mary D. SharplessCaleb and Rebecca
5/13/1875Joel H. SharplessCaleb and RebeccaHome of Henry Phillips

Mary B. PhillipsHenry and Anna B.
9/9/1875Thomas JacksonJohn G. and ElizabethHome of Spencer Chandler

Ann R. ChandlerSpencer and Sarah
9/13/1877Wilmer PalmerWilliam M. and MaryHome of Stephen Wilson

Emily P. WilsonStephen and Sarah
10/11/1877Israel W. MarshallThomas S. and MaryHome of Joseph Mitchell

Elizabeth MitchellJoseph and Hannah
2/26/1879Taylor S. MitchellStephen and ElizabethHome of Thomas Marshall

Mary MarshallThomas and Mary
4/10/1879Irvin D. WoodMatthew and SusanHome of John Mitchell

Anna M. MitchellJohn and Sarah
2/22/1883Edmund B. SpencerDavid and SarahHome of Caleb Sharpless

Ella R. SharplessCaleb and Rebecca
6/12/1883J. Howard MitchellJoseph and HannahHome of John Woodward

Lizzie A. WoodwardJohn and Ellen B.
12/14/1883Harry C. PassmoreWilliam and OrphaHome of Joseph Mitchell

Sarah H. MitchellJoseph and Hannah
3/25/1885Lewis E. WaltonEdwin and Mary D.Home of Henry Kent

Gertrude W. KentHenry s. and Patience
11/11/1886I. Harvey FlinnIsaac W. and Mary E.Home of Stephen Mitchell

Mary E. MitchellStephen and Lydia
3/8/1888Joseph A. PyleJohn and Mary E.Home of John Yeatman

Gheretein YeatmanJohn and Lavinia
6/9/1891William Henry WayWilliam and SusannaTemperance House of Hockessin

Mary R. HealdCaleb and Martha
5/1/1903Horace Lincoln DilworthLevis and LydiaHome of Thomas Flinn

Sarah Flinnthomas and Hanna
2/12/1908Frank AlcornFrancis and CatherineWest Chester

Alice C. PalmerT. Ellwood and Hannah
4/2/1908Haliday Jackson HoopesThomas and RebeccaHome of Frankln McVaugh

Ruth Esther McVaughFranklin and Ruth
4/20/1909Henry Cloud MitchellJ. Howard and Lizzzie A.Home of Thomas Webster

Lidie WebsterThomas and Ella
12/15/1909John C. MarshallJohn and MargaretHome of James Cloud

Lillian R. CloudJames and Francina W.
3/30/1910J. Albert MarshallEdward and ElizabethHome of Sharpless Walter

Abigail M. WalterSharpless and Anna
12/12/1914William CloudJames Y. and Francina W.Philadelphia Young Friends Association

Mable Lucille KeenanJames and Ella
6/26/1915Howard Cranston WollastonT. Ellwood and EmmaHome of J. Howard Mitchell

Ellan Hannah MitchellJ. Howard and Lizzie A.
6/7/1916Edward Darlington HannumCharles B. and CarolineHome of Mary Belle Cloud

Sara Belle CloudJoseph A. and Mary Belle
11/29/1919Isaac WetherillJohn and Eliza P.Home of Mary Mitchell

Edith MitchellTaylor S. and Mary
2/4/1831William Levis PhillipsWilliam P. and MarthaHockessin Meetinghouse

Ruth Laura SharplessWilliam P. and Laura R.
8/22/1931Lewis Lyndon PalmerCharles and ArlettaHockessin Meetinghouse

Francis Yeatman PiersonHiram Ellis and Alice

Entries exrtracted from Centre Monthly Meeting records by Mary Briggeman