Quaker: Wilmington Friends Marriages

Various marriages under the care of Wilmington Friends Meeting. Though the vast majority of these marriages were recorded in the records of Wilmington Monthly Meeting, some, indicated by the meeting name in brackets following the record, were recorded in other meetings’ records.

Andrews, Ezekiel and Rebekah Robinson – 5/28/1761

Andrews, John, son of WIlliam (dec’d), and Sarah Ferris, daughter of David Ferris – 8/25/1763

Ashburnham, William, son of Thomas, and Rosanna Ferris, daughter of John (dec’d) – 5/19/1768

Bailey, Joseph, son of Isaac and Lydia, and Elizabeth Tatnall, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth – 11/25/1790

Baily, Isaac, widower, and Sarah Yarnall, widow – 8/22/1799

Barnard, Richard, son of Richard and Lettice, and Sarah Chambers, daughter of Joseph and Emmy – 10/24/1792

Beeby, Robert and Jean Elwall – 1/15/1743/44 [Newark MM]

Berry, James, son of James, and Mary Bonsall, daughter of Joseph – 2/15/1776

Biddle, John, son of Owen and Sarah (dec’d), and Elizabeth Canby, daughter of Samuel and Frances – 9/15/1796

Blackford, Gerard, son of Gerard, and Sarah Price, daughter of Jonathan – 7/12/1781

Blackford, Gerard and Elizabeth Serrell, widow of John Serrell – 4/30/1789

Bonsall, Abraham, son of Jesse (dec’d) and Ruth, and Mary Andrews, daughter of Ezekiel (dec’d) – 10/28/1790

Bonsall, Vincent and Mary Askew, widow of William – 9/24/1789

Bringhurst, Joseph, Jr, son of James and Anna (Dec’d), and Deborah Ferris, daughter of Ziba (dec’d) and Edith – 7/11/1799

Bryan, Thomas, son of WIlliam and Mary (dec’d), and Ann Kells, daughter of David (dec’d) and Mary – 4/15/1779

Buckley, Phineas, son of William (dec’d) and Mary Shipley, daughter of Thomas Shipley – 5/12/1768

Byrne, Joshua, son of Daniel and Rebeccah, and Ruth Woodcock, daughter of Robert and Rachael – 1/15/1749/50 [Newark MM]

Byrnes, WIlliam, son of Daniel and Dinah, and Anna Shipley, daughter of Thomas and Mary (dec’d) – 10/28/1784

Canby, Benjamin, son of Thomas, and Susannah Littler, daughter of Joshua – 12/25/1760

Canby, Joseph, son of Thomas (dec’d) and Hannha Lea, daughter of John (dec’d) – 10/22/1772

Canby, Oliver and Elizabeth Shipley, daughter of William – 9/22/1744 [Newark MM]

Canby, Samuel, son of Oliver (dec’d), and Frances Lea, daughter of James – 6/29/1775

Canby, Thomas, Jr. and Elizabeth Lewis, daughter of Robert and Mary – 7/26/1753

Carsan, George, son of George (dec’d) and Lydia James, daughter of James (dec’d) – 12/14/1775

Carson, Richard and Martha Rumford – 7/15/1743 [Newark MM]

Carter, Jeremiah and Rebekah Wiley – 12/27/1764

Chandlee, Benjamin and Mary Folwell – 2/19/1750 [Newark MM]

Chandler, David, son of Swithin (dec’d), and Miriam Peirce, widow, daughter of Richard Carson – 6/12/1794

Clempson, John and Elizabeth Way – 1/10/1755

Coleman, Joseph, son of Thomas, and Sarah Minshall, daughter of Griffith – 9/14/1775

Common, John, son of William and Sarah, and Sarah Wollaston, daughter of Thomas and Hannah – 11/22/1786

Coope, Samuel, son of Samuel and Deborah (dec’d), and Elizabeth Blackford, daughter of Gerard and Mary (dec’d) – 10/25/1792

Dawes, John and Elizabeth Sell – 4/21/1744 [Newark MM]

Dean, William and Katherine King – 2/16/1755

Dickinson, Richard, son of Richard, and Phebe Carsan, daughter of Richard – 10/16/1766

Dixson, Solomon, son of Henry and Ruth (dec’d), and Sarah Pryor – 11/30/1758 [Kennett MM]

Downing, Thomas, son of Richard and Ellizabeth, and Mary Spackman, daughter of George and Thomzin – 12/25/1794

Drinker, Henry, son of Henry, and Ann Swett, daughter of Benjamin – 5/4/1757

Elliot, John, son of John (dec’d) and Rebecca, and Sarah Johnson, daughter of Robert and Mary – 10/26/1791

Elliott, John, son of John and Annabella, and Margaret Harvey, daughter of Benjamin (dec’d) and Mary – 4/4/1771

Elliott, WIlliam, son John (dec’d) and Rebekah, and Esther Griffith, daughter of Evan (dec’d) and Rebekah – 5/22/1794

Evans, William son of William, and Catherine Wollaston, daughter of Jeremiah and Catherine – 919/1751

Farson, Wilmington and Jane Beeby – 2/2/1749 [Newark MM]* note record immediately following this one
Ferson, William and Jane Beeby – 2/2/1749 [Kennett MM]

Ferris, John, son of Zechariah and Elizabeth, and Ann Gilpin, daughter of Vincent and Abigail – 9/25/1783

Ferris, John, Jr, son of Ziba (dec’d) and Edith, and Sarah Harlan, daughter of Caleb and Ann – 10/22/1800

Folwell, Goldsmith and Sarah Cadwalader, daughter of John – 5/31/1759

Garretson, Eliakim, son of Jedediah and Esther (Dec’d), and Lydia Windle, daughter of William and Mary – 1/27/1783

Gibbons, Abraham, son of Joseph (dec’d) and Mary Canby, daughter of Oliver (dec’d) – 5/27/1790

Gilpin, James, son of Vincent and Abigail, and Sarah Littler, daughter of John and Sarah – 4/26/1792

Gilpin, Thomas and Ann Caldwell, daughter of Vincent – 5/19/1757

Goodwin, William, son of John (dec’d) and Elizabeth Brown, widow of James – 11/11/1779

Green, Charles, son of Charles and Rosamon (both dec’d), and Hannah Squibb, daughter of Nathaniel and Margery (dec’d) – 11/15/198

Haines, Reuben, son of Job and Esther, and Mary Johnson, daughter of Robert and Mary – 4/19/1797

Hammer, John and Jean Stanfield – 8/11/1744 [Newark MM]

Hance, Benjamin and Sarah Woodward – 11/11/1742 [Kennett MM]

Hanson, Timothy, son of samuel and Priscilla (dec’d) and Mary Robinson, daughter of James and Elinor (both dec’d) – 5/17/1792

Harvey, Job amd Sarah Dawes – 10/30/1760

Hewes, Joseph and Rachel Bell – 4/16/1752

Hill, John and Ann Hunt – 6/17/1773

Hill, Joseph and Judith Wood – 9/23/1749 [Kennett MM]

Hobson, John and Elizabeth Warner, daughter of William – 9/29/2757

Jackson, Daniel and Ann Warner, daughter of WIlliam  – 5/23/1754

Jackson, Isac, son of Joseph (dec’d) and Esther, and Elizabeth Rea, daughter of John (dec’d) and Sidney – 11/17/1785

Jacobs, Richard and Phebe Eaves, widow of James – 7/30/1789

James, John, son of John and Ann (dec’d), and Rachel Woodcock, daughter of Bancroft and Ruth – 10/11/1787

Jenkins, William, son of Charles, and Hannah Littler, daughter of Joshua – 6/28/1764

Johnson, John, son of Abraham (dec’d) and Martha, and Hannah Sheward, daughter of Caleb Sheward (dec’d) and Hannah – 10/7/1790

Johnson, Robert, son of Joshua, and Mary Wollaston – 6/3/1762

Jones, John, son of John (dec’d) and Lydia, and Ann Shipley, daughter of Thomas and Mary – 9/20/1792

Jones, Philip and Edith Newlin – 5/31/1764

Kendall, John, son of Jesse, and Mary Gibbons, daughter of James – 4/26/1787

Kightley, James and Elizabeth Wood – 10/19/1769

Kirk, John, son of Jacob, and Ann Woolston – 3/7/1844 [Kennett MM]

Kirk, William and Mary Robinson – 10/19/1745 [Newark MM]

Lea, Thomas, son of John (dec’d) and Mary, and Sarah Tatnall, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth – 1/20/1785

Leslie, Robert, son of Thomas (dec’d) and Rachel Rogers, daughter of Enos (dec’d) – 3/20/1793

Lightfoot, William, son of Samuel, and Mary Ferris, daughter of Daid – 8/14/1766

Littler, John, son of Joshua, and Sarah Stapler, daughter of John – 10/27/1763

Marriot, Thomas, son of Joseph and Mary (dec’d), and Mary Sheward, daughter of Caleb and Hannah – 5/30/1782

Marshall, James, son of William (dec’d), and Margaret Lea, daughter of James – 11/25/1773

Marshall, WIlliam and Mary Tatnall, daughter of Edward – 8/25/1757

Martin, George, son of John (dec’d), and Elizabeth Reynolds, daughter of Henry (dec’d) – 11/28/1776

Mendenhall, Eli, son of Benjamin and Hannah, and Phebe Pritchett, daughter of John (dec’d) – 10/18/1787

Mendenhall, Isaac, son of Joseph and Ruth, and Martha Robinson, daughter of Joseph – 8/1/1745 [Kennett MM]

Mendenhall, Joseph, son of Joseph and Ruth, and Rachel Robinson – 3/21/1747 [Kennett MM]

Minshall, Griffith and Mercy Dawes, widow of Edward – 12/13/1781

Minshall, Isaac, son of Isaac (dec’d) and Lydia Ellis, daughter of Evan Ellis (dec’d) – 4/6/1745 [Newark MM]

Morris, William, Jr. and Rebekah Peters – 10/5/1752

Newlin, Cyrus, and Sarah Shipley, daughter of Thomas and Mary – 6/24/1790

Newlin, Thomas, son of Nicholas (dec’d) and Sarah Berry, widow of Benjamin – 11/16/1780

Nichols, Joseph and Sarah Ellis – 11/23/1745/46 [Newark MM]

Nichols, Samuel, son of Joseph (dec’d) and Margarett, and Ruth Mendenhall, daughter of Benjamin and Hannah – 12/15/1786

Niles, Hezekiah, son of Tobias (dec’d) and Mary Way, daughter of Francis – 7/17/1766

Ogden, Dvaid and Zebiah Wollaston – 12/16/1743 [Kennett MM]

Parry, Thomas and Catherine Dean – 5/29/1760

Peters, Joseph. son of Thomas, and Rebecca Richardson – 2/13/1741 [Kennett MM]

Phillips, Solomon, son of James and Ruth (dec’d), and Martha Nichols, daughter of Samuel (dec’d) and Elizabeth – 10/22/1788

Phillips,William Dixon, son of Robert and Ann, and Phebe Starr, daughter of Isaac and Elizabeth (dec’d) – 10/20/1796

Pierce, James, son of James, And Miriam Carsan, daughter of Richard – 5/111780

Poole, WIlliam and Martha Roberts – 6/27/1754

Poole, William and Elizbaeth Canby – 12/3/1761

Price, Joseph, son of Isaachar (dec’d) and Rosanna Ashburnham, widow of William – 6/12/1873

Reynolds, Henry and Mary Kendal – 6/30/1791

Reynolds, James, son of Henry (dec’d) and Sarah, and Hannah Webster, daughter of John and Hannah (both dec’d) – 5/20/1784

Richards, Nathaniel, son of Isaac, and Lydia Pritchett, daughter of John (dec’d) – 12/29/1786

Richards, William, son of Isaac and Mary (dec’d), and Catherine Philips, daughter of Robert and Cathrine (dec’d) – 11/19/1788

Richardson, Richard, son of John (dec’d) and Sarah Tatnall, daughter of Edward – 4/24/1766

Richardson, Robert, son of John, and Sarah Shipley, daughter of William and Elizabeth – 10/6/1750

Robertson, James and Elenor West – 5/22/1742 [Kennett MM] * James may be ROBINSON

Robinson, James, son of James and Elinor, and Betty Wilson, daughter of Jacob (dec’d) and Betty – 7/21/1785

Robinson, Thomas, son of James and Elenor, and Mary Wilson, daughter of Jacob (dec’d) and Betty – 10/25/1787

Robinson, WIlliam, son o fNicholas and Mary (dec’d), and Elizabeth Hanson, daughter of Timothy and Mary – 5/24/1798

Sanders, Elis, son of John and Ann, and Edith Yarnall, daughter of Ephraim and Sarah – 4/1/1789

Seal, Caleb, son of William and Hannah, and Alice Clark, daughter of Walter (dec’d) – 11/22/1787

Seal, John Poles, and Mary Jackson – 9/17/1788

Shallcross, Thomas, son of Joseph and Orpah, and Deborha Claypool Potts, daughter of Jonatahn (dec’d) and Grace – 10/22/1789

Shipley, Thomas and Rebekah Andrews – 4/27/1775

Shipley, William, Jr., son of WIlliam, and Sarah Rumford, daughter of Jonathan – 2/25/1751

Sipple, Thomas, son of Garret and Ellizabeth (dec’d), and Ann Tatnall, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth – 9/25/1794

Squibb, Robert, son of Nathaniel, and Mary Hamilton, daughter of Thomas and Rachel – 5/21/1795

Squibb, Thomas, son of Nathaniel and Margery (dec’d), and Rachel Foster, daughter of Francis and Elizabeth (dec’d) – 5/16/1799

Stapler, John and Rachel West – 10/22/1743 [Kennett MM]

Stapler, John and Jemima Robinson – 6/16/1785

Starr, Isaac, son of Isaac (dec’d), and Rachel Pritchet, widow of John, daughter of Robert Green (dec’d) – 5/13/1779 [Concord MM]

Starr, Isaac, son of Isaac and Elizabeth (dec’d), and Margaret Tatnall, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth – 12/26/1793

Stroud, Samuel, son of James and Ann (dec’d) and Elizabeth Richardson, daughter of Richard and Sarah – 10/29/1789

Stroud, Joshua, son of James and Elizabeth (dec’d), and Martha Byrnes, daughter of Caleb and Elizabeth – 1/19/1785

Stuart, John, son of Robert, and Hannah Lea, daughter of Issac – 6/10/1756

Swett, John and Content Maul – 3/11/1738 [Kennett MM]

Tatnall, Joseph, son of Edward, and Elizabeth Lea, daughter of James – 1/31/1765

Thomas, Jopseh, son of Evan and Jane, and Elizabeth Chambers, daughter of Joseph and Emmey – 10/19/1791

Townsend, Joseh, son of Joseph, and Hannah Ferris, daughter of Zechariah – 10/25/1770

Troth, Henry, and Sarah Paschall, daughter of William – 12/27/1753

Troth, Henry, son of Henry and Sarah, and Hannah Starr, daughter of William and Jane Starr – 9/18/1783

Troth, William  and Lydia Osborne – 8/4/1763

Underhill, John, son of Thomas, and Elizabeth Johnson, daughter of Robert – 10/30/1782

Underhill, Thomas, son of John, and Rachel Mendenhall, widow of Joseph and daughter of Joseph Robinson (dec’d) – 7/25/1754

Warner, William and Sarah Eldridge – 10/13/1754

Warner, William, son of Joseph and Mary, and Esther Tatnall, daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth – 4/19/1798

Way, Francis and Mary Dawes – 8/17/1745 [Kennett MM]

Webb, Joseph and Edith Way, daughter of Joseph – 3/29/1746 [Newark MM]

Webster, John, son of John and Hannah, and Lydia Mendenhall, daughter of Benjamin and Hannah – 4/13/1780

Wells, Edward and Sarah Littler, daughter of Joshua – 4/27/1769

West, Joseph, and Hannah Andrews – 8/19/1749 [Kennett MM]

Wharton, Samuel, son of Joseph, and Sarah Lewis, daughter of Stephen – 2/15/1754

White, John, son of WIlliam and Ann, and Ann Robinson, daughter of Nichoals and Mary – 10/21/1790

White, William, son of John, and Ann McMulllen, daughter of David (dec’d) – 8/21/1760

Wickersham, Thomas, son of Isaac and Mary, and Sarah Johnson, daughter of James and Margarett – 10/11/1787

Wilkinson, Joseph, son of Joseph (dec’d) and Elizabeth, and Margaret Starr, daughter of William and Jane – 11/13/1788

Wollaston, William, son o fJoseph (dec’d) and Elizabeth England, daughterof Joseph – 10/4/1770

Woodcock, Bancroft and Ruth Andrews, daughter of William – 6/28/1759

Woodcock, WIlliam and Elizabeth Marshall – 1/22/1761

Woodnut, Jonathan and Betty Wilson, widow of Jacob – 9/15/1768

Yarnall, Benjamin and Elizabeth Folwell – 4/1/1762

Yarnall, John, son of Nathan, and Elizabeth Newlin, daughter of Joseph (dec’d) – 2/3/1774

Zane, Jesse Shenton, son of Joel and Esther, and Susannah Hanson, daughterof Timothy and Mary (dec’d) – 9/18/1794

Zane, William, son of Jonathan and Mary, and Ann Bennett, daughter of Jacob and Suanna – 5/16/1776