Civil War: 124th Regiment Company E

(The officers and men were mustered in Aug. 12, 1862, and mustered out May 16, 1863, except when otherwise specified.)
Capt. Edwin Otley, disch. on surg. cert. Oct. 31, 1862.
Capt. Richard D. Townsend, pro. from 2d lieut. to 1st lieut. Sept. 15, 1862; to capt. Oct. 31, 1862.
1st Lieut. William Lynch, disch. on surg. cert. Sept. 15, 1862.
1st Lieut. Josiah Burnett, pro. from 1st sergt. to 2d lieut. Oct. 17, 1862; to 1st lieut. Oct. 31, 1862.
2d Lieut. Thomas J. Townsend, pro. from sergt. to 1st sergt. Oct. 17, 1862; to 2d lieut. Oct. 31, 1862.
1st Sergt. Wm. H. Burns, pro. from sergt. Oct. 31, 1862.

Samuel J. Thompson
Wm. Rodgers
Wm. Otley, pro. from corp. Oct. 16, 1862; wounded at Chancellorsville, Va., May 3, 1863; absent at muster out
William Keech, pro. from corp. Oct. 13, 1862.

David K. Pierce, Franklin Frame, John G. Hoopes, William Moulder, William Auld.
George F. Baily, pro. to corp. Oct. 17, 1862.
Thomas W. Taylor, pro. to corp. Oct. 31, 1862.
Andrew Johnson, pro. to corp. Oct. 31, 1862.
Musician Thomas S. Foster.

Joseph Barton
James Benner
Moses M. Brown
Palmer Chamberlain
Elias W. Copeland
David Cox
Thomas Conway
Clement Cooper
Wm. Cunningham
Henry M. Davis
Charles H. Dilworth
Michael Dugan
James Entriken, died at Washington, D.C., March 1, 1863
John J. Epright
George D. Farra, disch. on surg. cert. Dec. 9, 1862
John W. Ferrell 
Peter Ford
George B. Foreman
Gibbons Frame, disch. on surg. cert. Dec. 9, 1862
Isaac T. Frame
Joseph Gertley
Ezekiel R. Griffith
Fernando J. Griffith
Jesse Greenfield, died at Alexandria, Va., Jan. 25, 1863.
Joseph W. Hall
Joseph Hampton, absent, sick, at muster out.
Wm. H. Hanua
Edward T. Harlan
Isaac L. Harvey
Isaac Henthorne, died at Alexandria, Va., Dec. 20, 1863
Thomas R. Hoffman
Nathaniel Howarth
Frederick Ingram
William Jefferson
Vincent Jester
S.S. Johnson
Charles S. Kearns
Temple King, died at Harper’s Ferry Nov. 29, 1862
Charles H. Kitzelman
Peter Marion, disch. on surg. cert. Jan. 25, 1863
Daniel McConaughy 
Charles McCullough
Jacob E. McFadden, missing in action at Chancellorsville, Va., May 3, 1863
Joseph McFadden, missing in action at Antietam, Md., Sept. 17, 1862
Franklin McFall
Jesse K. McNelly
James Mealey
Thomas B. Mercer
William Mercer
Clark Mendenhall 
Emmor Miles
David Moulder
John Mullen 
Bayard B. Nethery 
James O’Neil 
Frasier Patterson 
Oliver R. Patterson 
Jones R. Passmore 
Jonathan Pierce 
James Robb
Jehu Roberts, disch. on surg. cert. Jan. 13, 1863
Joseph Rox 
William H. Rumer
Valentine Sourmilk
Samuel Starr
Emmor L. Talley
Chalkley Taylor, died at Stafford C.-H., Va., Feb. 28, 1863
Joseph B. Taylor, disch. on surg. cert. March 9, 1863
George M. Thompson 
Henry Thorn
William Townsend
Francis Tucker
Levi Vincent
John G. Whitcraft
Henry Williams
C.C. Williamson
Morris Williamson
James Wilson
Taylor Windle
Pyle Woodward
Joseph Worth, disch. on surg. cert. Jan. 29, 1863
Isaac Youn

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