Goshen Friends Meeting (Quaker)

Goshen meeting was set up in 1721/22 by Chester Quarterly from part of the membership of Chester Monthly Meeting and three preparative meetings, Goshen, Whiteland and Willistown, were set up under the new meeting’s jurisdiction. In 1939, the preparative meetings were set up as monthly meetings and the original Goshen meeting was discontinued, its membership …

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Quaker: Goshen Friends Marriages

Marriages that took place at Goshen MM. 1732.8.12 John Ashbridge, Son of George and Mary Ashbridge Hannah Davies 1737.2.21 Aaron Ashbridge, Son of George and Mary Ashbridge Sarah Davis 1749.4.8 Joseph Ashbridge, Son of George and Mary Ashbridge Priscilla Davis 1757.5.12 Jonathan Ashbridge, Son of John and Hannah Ashbridge Sarah James, Daughter of Joseph James …

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Taxables – Goshen – 1715

Taxables from 1715 in the original Goshen township which was divided into East Goshen Township and West Goshen Township​[1]​ Ashbridge, GeorgeBailey, DavidBane, AlexanderBane, MordecaiEachus, RobertEllis, CadwaladerEllis, DavidEllis, WilliamFinsher, JohnHeans, IsaacHeans, JohnPaschall, ThomasWalll, JohnWoodward, Joseph   Freemen: Griffith,BenoniEvans, Thomas   Non-resident land: Jones, EdwardJones, RobertJones, ThomasOwens,Griffith