Romansville Friends Meetinghouse

Romansville Friends Meeting (Quaker)

Originally established by the Hicksite branch as a continuation of the original Bradford Preparative, this meeting was renamed when it moved to Romansville in 1846. At that time, a red brick meeting house was built and a burial ground laid out. In 1877, the meeting requested to be laid down, and it was re-established as …

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Bradford Friends Meeting

Bradford Friends Meeting (Quaker)

In 1719, a meeting for worship was established for the winter here known as “Brandywine Forks” or simply “Forks” by Kennett Monthly Meeting. Bradford Monthly Meeting was established in 1737 by Chester Quarterly and the meeting for worship and the prep meeting at Bradford were transferred to the Monthly Meeting at that time. The Hicksite …

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Quaker: Bradford Friends Meeting Marriages

1818 MARRIED at Friends Meeting at Bradford on 4th day the 11th instant, M.P. CHEYNEY of Weston, to MARGARET PYLE, of West Bradford. (Village Record on June 24, 1818) 1820 Marriage At Friends Meeting at Marshallton, on fifth day the 14th inst., LOWNES TAYLOR, of West Goshen, to RACHEL BAKER, of West Bradford. (Village Record …

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Taxables – Bradford – 1715

Taxables in 1715 in the original Bradford township which was divided into East Bradford Township and West Bradford Township in 1731.​[1]​ Arnold, Thomas Baldwin, William Buffington, John Buffington, Richard Buffington, Thomas Buffington, William Carter, George Clayton, Edward Collins, Peter Cope. John Jeferes, Robert [Jefferis] Marshall, Abram Marshall, William Stroud, George [Strode] Taylor, Obadiah [Abiah] Vestall, …

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