Benjamin Hunt Diary – 1802

Jan. 1st 1802. A beautiful fine clear warm morning: larks a singing.

2nd. A very warm day for this season: almost too warm to be pleasant. I and mj Boys picking stories of the ground I expect to mow next year.

3rd. I and my Wife paid a visit to Richard White & Wife, this evening began to rain.

4th. Rain and wind all day. in the evening Cleared up.

Jan, 7th 1802. this day rain in the forepart: in the afternoon Cleared up. I started to go to Wm Smiths, lodged with him.

Sth. left Wm’s and went by Jos. Smiths to Moses Marshall’s; from thence by the Center House to West Chester: lodged at Wm Sharples’s.

9th. left West Chester and came to the Center House: dined with the Widow Marshall. Came on rain, towards evening it slackened and 1 started for home. sometime in the night it blew and rained very hard.

10th. Very windy.

11th. Clear & windy.

17th. I went again to Bradford, as I returned home this night I heard the Kildear.

ISth. This night a small snow.

26th. This day I started for Philad. by way of Bradfoid & West Chester, lodged at Richard Fawks’s tavern.

Jan. 27th 1802. Got Into town: lodged at Wm Elliot’s in Fourth St.

2Sth. in town.

29th. left town about 1 O’Clock; got that night about 16 Miles, lodged at John

20th, got home towards evening.

31st. This “Winter is remarkeable for open warm weather, the iike not recollected by the oldest inhabitants. My son Nathan informed me that he saw a Grasshopper this day as he went to meeting.

Veh. 1st. a beautiful fine morning but Clowded up and began to rain before noon.

10th. this day Richard White, Jos. String-fellow & myself got some hearth stone and one step stone for the store door.

11th. This night fell a snow about three Inches deep, the greatest we have had this winter Yet.

loth Feb. 1S02. this day I started for West Chester; from thence 1 went to see my brother Eli Who was very bad with a pain in his head; had been afflicted for five Weeks & continues to grow worse: stayed with him ail night: next morning went to Joshua Hunt’s, then to Aaron Davis’s, then returned to Eli’s, then to West Cnester to meet Wm & Jcs. Smith, expecting to get money from them. Wm promises to pay his in two Months; Jos. in two or three weeks: likewise Emmor & Abraham Baily to pay at May Court, this night I went to Wm Hueys..
18th. I started home.

20th. Went to Downingstown for a Letter in the post office.

21st. this night came on snow and Continued to snow and blow

22nd, all next day. Oh this is a most severe blowing, snowing day: nothing like it this winter before.

23rd Feb. 1S02. Clear Morning with a great quantity of snow very much drifted.

2ith. Cloudy & continues wet till about the 3d of March.

March 1st. Went again to see my brother Eli: found him much better than when I saw him last: stayed with him all night, this day bought a new light two horse-waggon from David England for sixty Dollars.

5th. My Children all sick with the Measles.

14th. paid a visit to Abraham Jefferis & wife: his brother Wm was there from Redstone.

15th. I paid Edward Webster ninety two Cents for road tax.

31st. I started for Phila.

1st Apr. In town buying goods.

2d. this Evening got home.

5th. Went Thomas Evans’s sleeting from Waggontown to the turnpike.

12th. this evening started to Philad. with my light waggon to get shad.

15th. this morning got home after driving all night.

22nd April 1So2. Went to Wm. Smith’s for Money promised at February Court by like all other times I got nothing but fair words, but he say he will have it setled at May Court.

26th. This night Titus Taylor lodged with me.

5th May 1802. James Gibbons, son of Thomas Gibbons, and Sarah Peirce, Daughter of Caleb Peirce, for the first time laid their intentions of marriage before friends at East Cain Meeting.

8th. John Huey & Hannah Entrikin Came to see me.

9th. returned home.

10th. Angus McNear left my house after staying: two weeks, he is buund for the Northwest teritory to take possession of his land got for his servitude in the American war.

About the 7th of this month Jane Osborne & Samuel Entrikin Jun was Married.

18th May 1S02. Wet cold weather.

19th. went to West Chester Court, got my money of Smith.

21st. returned home.

1st June. Went to the funeral of a Child of John Buchannan’s which died at its grandfather’s, Squire Hunter’s. buried at Brandywine Manor Meeting house.

2d. Started with mv Waggon & horses for Philad.: lodged at R. Fawkes’s.

3d. In Philadelphia.

4th. Started for home; lodged at Jorn Miller’s.

5th. Got home this Evening.

16th. this day I started with my Waggon and horses to Lancaster for whiskey.

17th. Got home. This day Sarah Peirce & James Gibbons Married at Bradford

30th. Started to Lancaster for Whiskey.

July 1st. Returned home about noon.

24th. John Gilbert Died.

25th. Started far Philad.

31st. returned home.

August 3rd 1802. This- day William Huey sold his Plantation in Cain for £1400 to Caleb Foulk Jun. Richard white’s second Daughter born.

10th. started for Philad.

12th. Got home this evening.

17th. Went to West Chester Court.

ISth. Paid Robert Yearsley $36.38 in full for Interest to this date.

10th. Returned home by way of Moses Marshall’s.

Sept. 1st. Went to Lancaster for whiskey.

12th. This nigh: started to Lancaster with an old still to be mended for Thomas Bell: got home about the same time next night.

ISth. Rode to Springtan forge.

23rd. Sent to Doct. Eaton’s for Money but like other times sot none.

28th. Started for Phil ide-lphia with my Waggon: took one Hhd. whiskey for Thomas Bell: sold it for 50 cents per Gal’n.

29th. Got into town: lodged at Littlewoods, at the sign of Ptobin Hood, in filbert Street between eighth & ninth Streets.

Oct. 1st. got home.

6th. this Evening went to help John Buchanan Husk Corn.

12th. Mordecai Davis was here with 147 Head of Cattle. I hear that Emmor Jefferis the elder, of the forks of Brandywine. wns buried on the 9th Instant.

28th. This day by an order from West Chester Court of Common pleas I attended at Saml Sides’e at Brandywine Bridge, with Robert Miller Esqr & James Withrow on an action between Caleb Way Esqr and Saml Sleigh.

Nov. 1st. A few flakes of Snow.

4th. Eli Hunt & his wife started to Virginia.

9th November 1S02. Started for Philad. with my waggon by way of West Chester.

13th. got home again.

21st. Eli & his wife returned from Virginia, Stayed all night.

12th & 14th Dec. Killed five hogs and Bull: some of them for market.

16th. This morning it blue up most terrible cold. I started for Philad. about two o’Clock. Oh! Its enought to freeze a fellow’s ears off: however I was determined to go or perish In the attempt, so persevered till I got within three miles of the Ferry: lodged there that night.

17th. Got into the City; sold my pork for four Dollars & 3/4 per Cwt.
18th. Left the City about one o’clock and with traveling all night got home next morning a little after day light.

25th Dec., 1802. the Day like two former Christmases. ground clear of snow.

27th weather altered, cloudy & warm and liek for rain.

28th & 29th. warm rain

30th. this morning died about seven o’clock Sarah Hughes, Daughter of John Hughes, after a short illness of about four days, aged about 21 years).

31st. Went to the funeral. Previous to this day Owen Afflick who keeps publick house at Richard White’s, formerly Whitacers tavern, had procured a bear and had advertised to have a bear hunt: a good many people were gathered in the house and Just ready to launch forth, when at the interference of Jesse Kersey they proposed to postpone it till another day but the funeral was not long past before the Bear was loosed by some means and to it they went, but the chance was but short; they soon returned to the house and whether from the intoxicating charms of Nancy Whiskey or whether they had imbibed during the chase the ferocious nature of the bear, however they soon began with fervid passion to mall, beat, tear and maim one anotherand a most wretched house they kept of it all night, till the return of the morning recalled their scattered senses.

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