Darlington Seminary – Class of 1903

Graduating Class of 1903:​[1]​ Behenna, Vivian Beatrice – New York city Griffis, Emily Evelyn – Bighampton, N. Y. Katz, Elsie May – Braddock, Pa. Lockhart, Aileen Leslie – Morristown, N.J. Patterson, Ethel R. – West Chester, Pa. Philips, Alice Victoria – Washington, D.C. Reeve, Lydia – Newark, N.J. Riley, Sue J. – Woodstown, N.J. Young, …

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Darlington Seminary – Class of 1901

Graduating Class​[1]​ Crossley, Pearl A. – New Haven, Conn. Crossley, Ruby J. – New Haven, Conn. Elverson, Belle M. – St. Paul, Minn. Goldsmith, Edna J. – Pittsburg Nesbitt, Emma Elizabeth – Chatham, Pa. Nichols, Ada L. – Chatham, Pa. Pierce, Elizabeth F. – Unionville Tygert, Ada M. – Philadelphia Unruh, Mary E. – Baltimore

Quaker: Marriages of York Friends Meeting

Marriages at York Meeting John Cope, of the borough of Lancaster, in the County of Lancaster, son of Caleb Cope and Mary his wife, and Mary Updegraff, daughter of Harmon Updegraff and Lydia his wife, 9-13-1786 Daniel Ragan, of York Town, in the county of York, and Ruth Worley, widow of Francis Worley, late of …

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Quaker Naming Patterns for Children

Of the four migrating groups from England discussed by David Hackett Fischer in his book, Albion’s Seed, the Quakers show the most distinctive pattern in the naming of their children. The Puritans in New England relied heavily on biblical names for their children, and most often named the oldest children of either gender for the …

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Early Bonsall Family of Delaware County, PA

The quoted information below was part of a larger article that discussed the earliest settlement of the area ….As the Bonsall family is now so widespread and especially so numerous in Delaware county and vicinity, it may be of interest to many readers of the PROGRESS who are of that name, or, at least, connected …

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