West Grove Friends Meeting (Quaker)

West Grove indulged meeting was established in 1787 out of New Garden Monthly Meeting. The Orthodox branch was discontinued in 1846 and the Hicksite branch preparative meeting became part of West Grove Monthly Meeting when it was established in 1919. In 1955, the Orthodox branch of New Garden Monthly Meeting was merged in to West …

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Uwchlan Friends Meetinghouse - Historic

Uwchlan Friends Meeting (Quaker)

The Uwchlan meetinghouse was built in 1756 and was the home of the Hicksite branch of the Uwchlan meeting after the Separation. In 1883, it was merged with Bradford Monthly meeting to become the Bradford-Uwchlan Monthly meeting and was discontinued in 1901, its members transferred to Sadsbury Monthly Meeting. It is now owned by a …

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Romansville Friends Meetinghouse

Romansville Friends Meeting (Quaker)

Originally established by the Hicksite branch as a continuation of the original Bradford Preparative, this meeting was renamed when it moved to Romansville in 1846. At that time, a red brick meeting house was built and a burial ground laid out. In 1877, the meeting requested to be laid down, and it was re-established as …

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Penns Grove Friends Meetinghouse

Penns Grove Friends Meeting (Quaker)

Set up in 1829 by New Garden Monthly after having been an indulged meeting since 1820. Early meetings were held at the home of John Hambleton until March 1828 and than at the home of Samuel and Phebe Hadley for about 9 months. After that, meetings were held in a small log building on Hadley’s …

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Parkersville Friends Meetinghouse

Parkersville Friends Meeting (Quaker)

After the Separation of the original Kennett Preparative meeting, the Orthodox branch built a meeting house in 1830 in Parkersville on land purchased from John Parker. The meeting was held here until 1931 at which time it was laid down by Kennett Monthly. The meetinghouse is under the care of Western Quarterly. There is currently …

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