1675.10: Griffin

Master: Robert Griffin of Newcastle Loaded: June and July 1675 Arrived: October 1675, New Jersey Listings:​[1]​ Adams, John and wife Elizabeth [Fenwick] and children: Elizabeth, Fenwick and Mary Braithwaite, William Burton, John – servant to Edward Wade Bywater, Gervase -servant to John Fenwick Cann, John Chambless (or Champneys), Nathaniel, and son Nathaniel, Jr. – servants …

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1677.09: Martha

Master: Thomas Wildbuys Arrived: 9th month, 1677 The Martha was a fly-boat, from Burlington, Yorkshire and brought 114 passengers. Listings:​[1]​ Batts, John, servant to George Hutchinson Black, William Boare, Joshua (his wife followed on Elizabeth and Sarah)[fn]from Port Books, not mentioned by Smith[/fn] Dungworth, Richard Ellis, Thomas, servant to George Hutchinson Goforth, William Harrison, Richard Hooten, …

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1677.10: Greyhound

Master: Joseph Wasey Loaded: April and May 1677 Arrival: October 1677 Listings:​[1]​ Allen, Daniel Allen, John – servant to Edward Bradway Batting, Thomas Bradway, Edward, with his wife Mary and children: William, Mary and Susanna Buckell, Thomas – servant to Edward Bradway Conyard, David Griffith, Edward Harwood, Jonathan Hibbs, WIlliam [or Hebes] Hewling, Benjamin Hilton, …

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1677.12: Shield of Stockton

Master: Daniel Towers Arrival: December 1677 at Burlington Listings:​[1]​ Barnes, _______ – a merchant from Hull Barwick, Francis Berry, Peter [or Bury] – servant to Gayen Drummond Drewsbury, John [or Dewbury] Drummond, Gayen Emley, WIlliam [or Emlen] – second trip, bringing wife and two children. He had previously come over. Farnsworth, Susanna with children and …

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1678.02: Mary of Dublin

Master: John Hall Arrival: February 1678 West Jersey Listing from Sheppard​[1]​ Fairbanks, Robert with wife and daughter Elizabeth (wife of Henry Stubbings) Hall, William – servant to the Thompsons Stubbings, Henry – son-in-law of Robert Fairbanks Thompson, Andrew with wife Isabella (Marshill)[bib]1041[/bib], from Dublin Thompson, John with wife Jane (Humbly) from Dublin

1679.04: Success (aka Surcease)

Master: Stephen NicholsArrival: April 1679 West Jersey Listing from Sheppard​[1]​ Biddulph, William Crouch, William Dent, John Dunson, James [or Dennison] Durham, Richard – son-in-law of John Maddox, and his wife Elizabeth [Maddox] Eldrridge, Jonathan Hartshorne, Hugh Harvey, Allise – servant to Thomas Woodruff Hawes, John Hewlings, Abraham Hoaten, Thomas – servant to John Maddox Jackson, …

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1679.06: Elizabeth and Sarah

Master: Richard Friend Arrived: June 1679 All listings found in Sheppard​[1]​ Biles, WIlliam with wife Johannah and children William, George, John, Elizabeth and Jonathan (There may have been 7 children).  Biles, Charles Boare, Margaret, wife of Joshua who arrived on Martha Hancock, Edward – servant to William Biles Lucas, Robert – a farmer of Deverall, Loughbridge, …

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