East Nottingham Friends Meetinghouse

East Nottingham Friends (Quaker)

A meeting for worship was first established at East Nottingham in 1709, and a preparative meeting in 1715 under what was then called Newark Monthly Meeting (later renamed to Kennett). The meeting was placed under the care of New Garden Monthly meeting in 1718 unitl 1730 when it was set off as Nottingham Monthly Meeting. …

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West Nottingham Friends Meeting

West Nottingham Friends (Quaker)

West Nottingham was established about 1710, held at the houses of the members initially, with a preparative meeting being set up about 1730. The land on which the meetinghouse sits was donated by James King and William Harris. The current meeting house was built in 1811 and became known as “Little” Brick”. The Nottingham meetings …

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Colora Meeting

Colora Friends Meeting House (Quaker)

Colora Meeting was initially established as an Orthodox meeting, branching from the original West Nothingham meeting and was established as a meeting in 1828. Their meeting house was built in 1841 on land given by the Waring family, and a burial ground was established several years later. Prior to the creation of their own burial …

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