Quaker: Centre Friends Marriages

Marriages recorded as having taken place at Centre Friends meeting. The recording meeting is noted in brackets following each entry.

Allen, William, son of John, and Sarah Greave, daughterof John – 5/24/1758 [Newark MM]

Byrnes, Daniel, son of Daniel and Rebecca, and Dinah Hicklin, daughter of William and Dinah – 9/27/1751 [Newark MM]

Chandler, Jacob, son of Swithin and Ann, and Martha Greave, daughter of Samuel and Sarah – 7/3/0730 [Newark MM]

Chandler, Swithin, Jr., and Ann Willson – 9/21/1739 [ Newark MM]

Chandler, Thomas, widower, and Ann Hicklin – 10/23/1747 [Newark MM]

Chandler, Thomas, Jr., and Hannah Wilson – 9/15/1749 [Newark MM]

Clark, John, and Ann Young – 2/13/1743 [Newark MM]

Dixson, George, son of William (dec’d) and Ann Chandler, daughter of Swithin, 10/29/1725 [Newark MM]

Dixson, Joseph, and Esther Philips – 7/22/1742 [Newark MM]

Gibson, John, and Mary Gregg, daughter of Samuel and Ann – 10/26/1774 – [Kennett MM]

Gilpin, Gideon, son of Joseph and Mary, and Sarah Gregg, daughter of Samuel and Ann – 12/1/1762 [Newark MM]

Greave, John and Jane Chandler – 8/2/1733 [Newark MM]

Greave, Jonathan, and Sarah Chandler – 9/14/1730 [Newark MM]

Green, Henry, and Betty Hollingsworth, daughter of Samuel – 11/1/1734/35 [Newark MM]

Gregg, Samuel, son of Samuel and Ann, and Dinah Chandler – 11/24/1773 [Kennett MM]

Gregg, William,  and Margery Kinkey – 7/25/1725 [Newark MM]

Grubb, Samuel, and Lydia Baker – 1/15/1762 [Newark MM]

Hadley, Joseph, son of Simon, and Emey Gregg, daughter of John, 8/25/1721 [Newark MM]

Harlan, George, son of George (dec’d), and Margery Baker, daughter of Joshua – 4/21/1762 [newark MM]

Hayes, Mordecai, and Ann Greave, daughter of John and Jane – 4/18/1764 [Newark MM]

Hollingsworth, Jacob, and Rachel Chandler – 2/23/1729 [Newark MM]

Hollingsworth, Joseph, and Martha Haughton – 2/23/1730 [Newark MM]

Hollingsworth, Thomas, and Jane Smith – 11/20/1754 [Newark MM]

Jacob, Thomas, and Anne Mankin, widow, – 12/27/1733/34 [Newark MM]

Kirk, Alphonsus, son of Alphonsus and Abigail, and Mary Nicols, widow – 3/14/1730 [Newark MM]

Lodge, Jozabad, and Katharine Strange – 11/16/1750/01 [Newark MM]

Pryor, James, and Elizabeth Philips – 9/27/1734 [Newark MM]

Robinson, Nicholas, son of Francis and Elizabeth, and Mary Hicklin, daughter of William and Dinah – 3/22/1750 [Newark MM]

Underwood, Joseph, and Hannah Shortledge – 2/17/1745 [Newark MM]

Underwood, Thomas, widower, and Sarah Keeler, widow – 10/24/1746 [Newark MM]

Walter, William, son of William, and Betty Hicklin, daughter of William – 12/2/1762 [Newark MM]

Wilson, Christopher, and Dinah Gree – 12/20/1758 [Newark MM]

Wilson, Jacob, son of THomas and Mary, and Betty Gregg, daughter of Samuel and Ann – 10/29/1760 [Newark MM]

Wilson, James, and Amy Gregg – 12/30/1761 [Newark MM]

Wilson, John, son of Thomas, and Sarah Prew, daughter of Caleb – 10/27/1756 [Newark MM]

Wilson, Thomas, Jr., and Ann Dixson, Jr., – 7/28/1743 [Newark MM]

Wilson, Thomas and Esther Wilson – 7/16/1744 [newark MM]

Young, Hercules, and Sarah Phillips, daughter of James, – 3/17/1745 [Newark MM]

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