Quaker: New Castle Friends Marriages

The meeting that became Kennett Monthly Meeting had a forerunner in the New Castle area where marriages were occasionally performed. In the records below, the source meeting for the record is indicated in brackets at the end of each record.

Barrett, Benjamin, son of Benjamin, and Elizabeth Hogg, daughter of George – 6/8/1749 [Newark MM, Kennett MM]

Day, John, son of John, and Ann Hussey, daughter of John – 911/1730 [Newark MM]

Garritson, John, son of Garret, and Maragaret Colinder, daughter of Nicholas – 10/8/1727 [Newark MM]

Hussey, Elikim and Elizabeth Burroughs – 8/31/1734 [Newark MM, Kennett MM]

Hussey, Nathan and Ann Garritson, widow – 3/16/1720 [Newark MM]

Lewis, Stephen, son of John (Dec’d), and Rebekah Hussey, daughter of Jedediah – 9/10/1726 [Newark MM]

Whiteside, William and Susanna Hill – 4/12/1746 [Newark MM]

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