Quaker: Hockessin Friends Marriages

Marriages recorded as having taken place at Hockessin Meeting. The reporting meeting is notated in brackets at the end of the record.

Buckingham, Joseph, son of John, and Deborah Dixson, daughter of THomas – 9/15/1749 [Newark MM]

Cherry, WIlliam and Charity Nichols – 4/26/1769 [Newark MM]

Curle, Samuel, son of Richard, and Hannah Hadley, daughter of Joseph – 8/26/1748 [Newark MM]

Dixson, Isaac, son of John, and Ann Nichols, daughter of Thomas – 2/13/1748 [Newark MM]

Dixson, John and Rebeckah Cox – 3/26/1742 [Newark MM]

Ferrell, William and Martha Cox – 7/26/1744 [Newark MM]

Garretson, Elikim and Lydia Walter – 9/25/1747 [Newark MM]

Garretson, John, and Content Hussey – 9/5/1736 [Newark MM]

Green, Joshua and Susana Jordan – 5/24/1769 [Newark MM]

Gregg, Abraham, son of William (dec’d) and Mary Heald, daughter of Jacob – 3/29/1769 [Newark MM]

Gregg, Herman and Mary Dixon, daughter of Henry (dec’d) – 8/17/1750 [Newark MM]

Gregg, Willliam, son of William (dec’d) and Ann Dixon, daughter of John – 11/19/1755 [Newark MM]

Johnson, Joshua and Elizabeth England, relict of John – 2/10/1751 [Newark MM]

Marshall, William and Rebecca Dixson – 3/28/1746 [Newark MM]

Nickels, Daniel and Sarah Dixson – 2/13/1742 [Newark MM]

Nickols, Isaac and Margery Cox – 3/26/1742 [Newark MM]

Pennock, Joseph and Jane Wilson – 3/25/1767 [Newark MM]

Phillips, James and Ruth Dickson – 3/27/1741 [Newark MM]

Phillips, Robert and Ann Gregg – 3/28/1770 [Newark MM]

Sharpless, Caleb and Ruhene Jordan – 10/20/1773 [Newark MM]

Standfield, John and Hannah Dixson, widow – 8/13/1742 [Newark MM]

Tate, William, son of George, and Martha Dixon, daughter of Henry – 1/17/1753 [Newark MM]

Tate, WIlliam and Ann Dixson – 12/28/1763 [Newark MM]

Wilson, James and Elizabeth Clark – 11/13/1772 [Newark MM]

Wilson, James and Amy Dixson – 4/23/1777 [Newark MM]

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